How long to cook Café de Paris sauce?

How to make a simplified Café de Paris

Cream with a fat content of more than 30% – 200 grams
Dry ground thyme – 2 teaspoons
Curry – 0.5 tablespoons
Mustard – 2 teaspoons
Sugar – half a teaspoon
Soy sauce – 3 teaspoons
Fresh basil – 1 sprig

How easy it is to cook Cafe de Paris
1. Wash, dry and finely chop the basil.
2. Pour the cream into a saucepan and put on a quiet fire.
3. Add thyme, curry, mustard, sugar, soy sauce and basil while stirring constantly.
4. Remove the sauce from the stove, serve hot.

Tasty Facts

– The real Café de Paris sauce is prepared according to a secret recipe in only 2 restaurants. There is a lot of conjecture about the composition of the sauce. The composition may include cream, chicken liver, and rapeseed oil, but the exact composition is still not widely known.

– Serve Café de Paris sauce with meat: cutlets on the bone, steaks, fish steaks. When serving, the sauce is generously poured over the dish.

– Sauce Cafe de Paris on cream can be stored in the refrigerator for 12 hours, but it is better to use freshly prepared.

– It is best to serve Café de Paris sauce with meat, traditionally roasted beef.

– Today you can buy a ready-made dry preparation of Café de Paris sauce, the average price in Moscow is 800 rubles / 200 grams. This is enough for 2 liters of sauce.

– To prepare the sauce from a dry billet, you need to pour the right amount of powder with cold milk or cream at the rate of 1 tablespoon per 100 milliliters of milk and boil for 1 minute, stirring.

Sauce Café de Paris (without cooking) – an approximate version

Butter – 150 grams
Red onion – 1 piece
Ready mustard with grains – 1 teaspoon
Tomato paste – 2 tablespoons
Marsala – 2 tablespoons
Brandy – 2 tablespoons
Balsamic vinegar – 1 teaspoon
Pickled capers – 1 teaspoon
Anchovies – 2 pieces
Ground black pepper and salt – to taste
Tarragon – half a bunch or 1 tablespoon dried Chives
stalks – 3 pieces

Cooking Cafe de Paris according to the classic recipe
1. Soften the butter at room temperature for half an hour.
2. Wash and dry the greens, tear off the leaves from the tarragon, cut the onion into cubes.
3. Grind onions, herbs, anchovies and capers in a blender.
4. Add ketchup, spirits, balsamic vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper.
5. Grind again in a blender.
6. Add butter and mix thoroughly.
7. Put the mass on a cling film or bag, roll it into a “sausage” of large diameter, put it in the freezer.
8. It is best to serve on a classic steak, taking out the oil for half an hour, so that it melts a little and spreads over the meat.