How to fry popcorn

Popcorn is fried in a small amount of vegetable (coconut, corn) oil in a regular pan, or without oil at all in a non-stick pan for 4 – 5 minutes .

Popcorn can also be fried in the microwave. Put the popcorn dish covered with a lid into the microwave at full (800 W) power for 4 minutes .
It will take 3-4 minutes to cook popcorn in a slow cooker.

How to fry popcorn

How to fry popcorn in a pot or pan
1. Preheat the pan before adding the popcorn.
2. Pour in oil (per 100 grams of grain – 30 ml of oil). Coconut or corn oil is best for making popcorn. Only in extreme cases can sunflower be used.
3. Pour popcorn grains – 100 grams of grain will be optimal for a 3-liter pan.
4. When frying, shake the popcorn without opening the lid. Roast the popcorn until the popcorn pops out.
5. After frying, immediately remove the lid from the pan and remove the unopened popcorn grains.

How to fry popcorn in a multicooker
1. Pour the corn kernels into the multicooker pan and pour in the oil.
2. Put the multicooker on the “soup” mode. During the popping process, the corn kernels will begin to line and pop.
3. As soon as the corn stops popping, immediately turn off the multicooker. Otherwise, it will just burn out.
4. Season the finished popcorn with salt and powdered sugar to taste. Everything, you can turn on your favorite movie and have fun.

How to fry popcorn in the microwave
1. Take a bag of corn for making popcorn, after removing the plastic film from it (do not open the paper bag), put it in the microwave with the illustration up.
2. Set the microwave cooking mode to maximum power, and set the cooking time to 2.5 minutes.
3. As soon as the corn pops less frequently (approximately one pop every 3 seconds), you can stop the cooking mode.
4. Remove the package from the microwave and shake.
5. Open the package by pulling it by the edges in different directions, and put it on a plate.

Tasty Facts

Additives for popcorn :
– Sweet popcorn: grind sugar into powdered sugar, sprinkle warmed grain, shake. Cook over low heat.
– Salted popcorn : Sprinkle warmed grain with salt, shake.

– The history of popcorn goes back thousands of years. There is an opinion that it was eaten by the ancient Indians of America. It was they who revealed the ability of sweet corn to swell during heating. This is due to the special structure of the corn kernel – it contains a small amount of starch saturated with moisture. Water, when heated, turns into steam, which explodes the shell of corn. As a result, the grain opens up and acquires a crispy velvety texture.

– Not any variety of corn is suitable for making popcorn, but only exploding. Such a grain has a fairly strong shell, in addition, it greatly increases in volume. A handful of popcorn kernels can make a whole bowl of crispy popcorn.

– It is best to cook popcorn with coconut oil. It is considered the highest temperature, and therefore, contributes to the maximum opening of the grain. Unfortunately, you will not often meet him in the store, so refined corn is also suitable.

– Popcorn is used not only as a treat. It is used instead of foam to protect goods from damage. By the way, after the goods have reached the addressee, popcorn can be used again – given to feed livestock or birds, or used as compost.