How to cook green shrimp

Boiled-frozen green shrimps cook for 5 minutes after boiling water. Frozen fresh green shrimp cook for 10 minutes after boiling water. Water is needed just below the level of the shrimp.

How to cook green shrimp

  • Boil water in a saucepan, salt and add a couple of cloves of garlic (garlic can be left unpeeled).
  • Cook chilled shrimp for 3-5 minutes, and frozen shrimp for 7-10 minutes after re-boiling.
  • If you want to get the gut from the shrimp before cooking, then the shrimp will have to be taken out of the freezer in advance, thawed at room temperature, and cut along the back of the crustacean, remove that black thread.
  • You can add a pod of hot pepper, a couple of cloves of garlic, a bay leaf, a little lemon juice and a couple of tablespoons of soy sauce to boiling water, but the shrimp will be delicious even if you don’t have all of the above on hand.

Tasty Facts

Fresh green shrimp have a gray-green color with a bluish tint. What does fresh mean? And the fact that these shrimps were immediately frozen after being caught, without steaming or cooking.

Green shrimp come in two types: chilled and frozen. With frozen shrimp, everything is simple – when buying in a supermarket, these shrimp should be looked for in the freezer, next to other frozen seafood. Chilled shrimp are shrimp that, after being caught, were not subjected to any processing, but were laid out on ice and delivered relatively fresh to the point of sale.