How to cook beef tenderloin?

Boil beef tenderloin for 40 minutes for a salad, veal – no more than 30 minutes.

How to cook beef tenderloin?

For soup, the tenderloin is placed in cold water and boiled for an hour in a single piece – the broth will turn out to be low-fat, but pleasant, and the meat can be easily divided into fibers. For salad, beef tenderloin can be cut into several pieces the size of half a fist, and boiled in a minimum amount of boiling water for 40 minutes.

The weight of the tenderloin is 2-3 kilograms. With a cow weighing 600-700 kilograms, this is very little, so tenderloin is considered one of the most expensive types of meat. What to do if the tenderloin remains tough after an hour of cooking? – Option 2: either they sold you the meat of another part, under the guise of a tenderloin, or the meat is old and stale. In both cases, it is enough to cook the meat longer – another half an hour or an hour. As we can see, the tenderloin is cooked less than the general rules for cooking beef . Still, keep in mind that they initially buy tenderloin for frying and baking.

Tasty Facts

Beef tenderloin is the most tender and soft beef meat, for which it is called “fil e y”. Still, because the cow practically does not strain the corresponding muscles, in fact it is part of the meat under the rear ribs. A low load on the muscles excludes fatty layers and large veins, which means that the meat is soft and tender, moderately fibrous, keeps its shape, cooks quickly and is easily soaked with any additives – in general, ideal. As a rule, beef tenderloin is bought for frying and roasting steaks, where all these qualities are revealed in full force. Since the tenderloin is soft and without veins, dietary stews with vegetables are excellent from it, you can even try to cook pilaf. For dietary soups and salads, fillet is also suitable, and for these dishes, beef fillet must be cooked.