How much to cook beaver tail?

Beaver tail should be soaked overnight in cold water. Then change the water, peel off the “scaly” layer of skin from the tails and cook for an hour, for the broth – 1.5-2 hours. The tail of an old beaver is cooked for half an hour more.

How to boil beaver tails

Some people who have little knowledge of game preparation and hunting throw away the tail of a beaver, not realizing that it makes a very tasty dish if it is properly prepared. First you need to singe the tail with a blowtorch or burner, or simply pour boiling water over it. Then peel the skin to white, wash it well. Then we cut the tail with a knife into pieces, fry on both sides in vegetable oil. Then add chopped onions and carrots and fry over low heat. Then we shift everything into a saucepan, fill it with water and simmer over low heat for about an hour. We try the meat with a fork, if it is tough, then simmer for another hour until tender. Then add spices and simmer for another 15 minutes. The dish is ready!

About the taste of beaver tail

The taste of beaver is something between goose and beef. Delicious, meaty, not very greasy. Like any game, it has rather fibrous meat and, when skinned, has white flesh. The tail, of course, is one of the fattest parts, but you can boil it in soup. In addition to broths, stews, salads, and snacks are prepared from beaver tail. It may have a strong smell, which should be interrupted with sour cream and herbs. If the beaver has a smell, then it is necessary to soak in a weak solution of vinegar for 3-4 hours.