How to brew coffee?

For 1 cup: a teaspoon of ground coffee and a cup of water. Boil water in a Turk, remove from the stove, add coffee, mix until foam forms. Bring to a boil again over low heat and remove from heat as soon as the foam begins to rise.

How to brew coffee in Turkish

What you need for brewing coffee
Ground coffee – 1-2 teaspoons
Water – 200 milliliters
Sugar – to taste
Turk (200 milliliters – so that the edge of the coffee brew falls on the narrowest place in the Turk)

How to brew coffee in a
Turku Rinse Turku under water, dry, warm over a quiet fire. Pour coffee, sugar into the Turk, pour in cold water.
Put the Turk on a quiet fire, wait until the coffee foam rises and turn off the fire. Do not stir while brewing coffee. Repeat this step 1 more time and pour coffee into cups.

How to make coffee with caramel

for a Turk 200 milliliters
Coffee – 1-2 teaspoons
Sugar – 2 teaspoons with a slide
Cinnamon – 1 pinch

How to make coffee with caramel
1. Pour 2 teaspoons of sugar into the bottom of an empty cezve.
2. Put the Turk with sugar on the fire and wait for the sugar to start melting.
3. While stirring so that the sugar does not burn, completely melt the sugar.
4. Add a pinch of cinnamon and 100 milliliters of water.
5. Put the Turk on a quiet fire, bring to a boil and remove from heat.
6. Add another 100 milliliters of water, 1-2 teaspoons of coffee.
7. Put the Turk on the quietest fire, wait for the first foam and remove the coffee from the fire.
Your caramel coffee is ready!

Coffee Facts

– When choosing coffee, it is necessary to give preference to raw grains – they are stored longer and retain their taste and aroma in the best way.

– The shelf life of raw beans reaches from a year to a year and a half, however, storing raw coffee is quite laborious: it must be stored in vacuum packaging, in the refrigerator.
Store roasted coffee in a dry place in an airtight jar or bag for up to 1 month. If roasted coffee is stored in an unsealed container, it must be stored separately from aromatic herbs and seasonings. Ground roasted coffee should be stored for several days.

— Grains of raw coffee, smelling of foreign smells of roasted coffee and stale roasted coffee before frying, must be roasted. To do this, wash, dry with a dry cloth, and put in a pan. Put the frying pan on a quiet fire and roast coffee beans:
– fried with foreign aromas and fried stale grains – 2 minutes over low heat, stirring constantly.
– raw grains – 5 minutes, slowly adding strength to the fire. A sign that the beans are ready for grinding and brewing is the smoke coming from the beans and the aroma of coffee saturated to astringency.

Any roasted coffee needs to be ground before brewing. As a rule, a special electrical or mechanical device is used for this – a coffee grinder. Coffee is placed in the bean tank, and then the “start” button is pressed or the coffee grinder knob is turned by hand. In any case, from time to time it is necessary to check the degree of grinding of coffee and build on your taste. Usually make coffee grains a little less than granulated sugar. If a coffee grinder is not available, a mortar and pestle can be used to brew a small amount; hammer (grind through a cloth or through several layers of polyethylene); meat grinder and then a hammer; blender.

– When brewing coffee, you can add spices – ginger, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg (fall asleep with coffee).

– Finely ground coffee is ideal for brewing coffee in a Turk.

– To serve coffee very hot, the cups should first be rinsed with boiling water.

– Since coffee is an energy drink, you should think only about the good when brewing.

– If the appearance of a coffee drink is fundamentally important, it is worth stirring the coffee while brewing – then a nice foam is formed.

– For brewing coffee, a cezve is traditionally used – a thick-walled ladle made of forged copper with a long handle. Another name for coffee utensils is cezve. In the countries of the Middle East, dalla is used for brewing coffee – a saucepan with one handle and a long curved spout.

– In many countries, the recipe for “Turkish coffee” is used. The drink in the Turks is simmered on a small fire or in hot sand, avoiding active boiling. On such coffee there is always a foam that preserves the aroma of the drink.

What are
Espresso coffee drinks – prepared in a coffee machine or using a special apparatus.
Cappuccino – coffee with milk, a distinctive feature – lush light foam.
Latte – the drink should consist of three clearly separated layers: milk at the bottom, then brewed coffee, milk foam on top.
Macchiato – ready-made coffee is poured into whipped full-fat milk, a small coffee speck remains on the foam.
Glace – coffee with ice cream.
Mocha is coffee with chocolate.
Americano is ready-made coffee diluted with water.
— Serve coffee with sweets, chocolate, sugar, cream, milk, ice cream.