How long to cook cocoa?

For 1 cup of cocoa: put 300 ml of milk or water in a saucepan over a fire, bring to a hot state. In milk, put 1-2 teaspoons of cocoa and sugar to taste (as for tea or coffee), mix well. Bring cocoa to the first bubbles and turn off. Pour into a cup, serve hot. As a rule, the entire brewing of the drink takes 5 minutes.

How to cook cocoa

The easiest way is in a pan

  • Measure liquid – milk, or milk diluted with water, if you want to make the drink lighter. It is convenient to measure the liquid in mugs, from which cocoa will then be drunk: for example, an ordinary Ikeev mug is 300 milliliters.
  • Pour liquid into a small saucepan or Turk, put on the quietest fire. It is customary to boil cocoa for breakfast – and it is better to boil it just in time for serving dishes, as it cools quickly. Put milk on the quietest fire, and while it is heated, fry scrambled eggs or make sandwiches.
  • Pour cocoa powder into warm milk (the most common is “Golden Label”) and mix actively – 1-2 teaspoons of powder are needed per 300 milliliters mug (1 – mild taste, 2 – strong with bitterness).How long to cook cocoa?
  • Then pour 1-3 teaspoons of sugar into the drink to taste and depending on the strength of the cocoa.How long to cook cocoa?
  • Dynamically stir cocoa for 20 seconds until the lumps of cocoa powder disappear completely, heat to the first bubbles and pour into a cup.How long to cook cocoa?

Add and dissolve chocolate to taste, add cinnamon and citrus zest, decorate marshmallows. Immediately pour a little water into the bottom of the pan, otherwise the dried powder will complicate the washing of the pan.

Tip : To cook cocoa effortlessly and quickly, use the timer: 1 mug of cocoa will boil in 3-4 minutes. But sometimes you need to cook cocoa slowly (for example, if you are late and need to move away from the stove before breakfast in the shower). In this case, after dissolving the powder, set the stove to very quiet (usually this is the 2nd power out of 10), then the cocoa will definitely not boil before switching to a more active fire – and you will only have to bring the cocoa to the first steam.

How to brew cocoa in a coffee maker
Put the cappuccinator tube into a mug of milk and sugar, turn it on and wait 2-3 minutes until the drink warms up. But you should not fill the cocoa powder in the coffee maker’s container, as it is too small to be steamed.

How to cook cocoa in the microwave
Pour milk or a mixture of water and milk in a cup suitable for microwave ovens in a ratio to taste. Add sugar, mix vigorously, put in the microwave for 1 minute at maximum power. The microwave will heat the liquid and now mix everything until there are no lumps. Put in the microwave for a maximum of another 1-1.5 minutes.

How to cook Dominican cocoa Dominican cocoa is sold in the form of balls or tiles. The balls must be ground before cooking or rubbed on a fine grater. Cook in the same way, but because Dominican cocoa is minimally processed, for fullness of taste, after boiling, boil the drink over low heat for 1-2 minutes.

Cooking tiles is completely different: they must be broken and melted like chocolate, and then diluted with milk or water.

Tasty Facts

– Boil cocoa without a lid and on the quietest fire. It is best to brew as much cocoa as you can drink at a time, as standing on the stove for more than an hour will cause the drink to lose its taste.

– Children are very fond of cocoa, but how to cook it so that there is no foam? – If you mix milk with water, there will be no foam. Well, or the foam before serving cocoa can be removed with a spoon.

– Boiling cocoa is useful for those who “sit” tightly on coffee: if you boil the powder in water and without sugar, it’s enough

– It is almost impossible to cook cocoa without sediment, this is how the powder is arranged. But if you really want to please yourself with a drink without grains of powder, drain it through several layers of gauze.

– For cooking cocoa, you can mix milk with water in a 1: 1 ratio , by the way, with this method, foam is not formed. Alternatively, boil cocoa in water, and add milk or cream to the finished drink.

– Any convenient utensils are used for brewing , be it a pot or a cezve, this drink differs from coffee and tea, which have special devices for brewing and infusion.

– Cocoa does not absorb moisture well, so it should be thoroughly mixed at the beginning of cooking , the powder should be evenly distributed in the water, otherwise it will clump.

– Rules for choosing cocoa : powder without lumps of uniform brown color; the smell of the product is chocolate, very pleasant, stimulating the desire to immediately drink a cup of drink. Cocoa powder, crushed with fingers, leaves the feeling of an oily product, not dry dust.

– Doctors have proven the benefits of cocoa: just a cup of the drink improves mood – the substances contained in the drink stimulate the production of the “hormone of happiness” – serotonin. Cocoa contains invigorating and performance-boosting caffeine, but in safe amounts.

– The drink contains antioxidants that prolong youth : it improves blood flow to the brain and lowers blood pressure. The product contains a lot of zinc and iron, which are so necessary for the health of the skin and support of hormonal balance.

– Caloric content of the finished cocoa drink – 69 kcal / 100 grams.