How to boil turkey eggs?

Boil turkey eggs for 10 minutes in salted water (so that the shell does not crack).

How to boil turkey eggs

1. Place the turkey eggs in a pot of water.
2. Pour salt into the water – 1 tablespoon.
3. Put the pot on the fire, cook after boiling water for 10 minutes.
4. Put the pan with eggs under cold water to make it easier to clean.
5. Wait a couple of minutes for the eggs to cool and they are ready to eat.

Salad with turkey eggs

Cucumber – 1 large or 2 small
Turkey eggs – 3 pieces
Onion – 1 head
Sour cream or sour cream sauce – 2 tablespoons
Dill – to taste

How to cook a salad with turkey eggs and cucumbers
Boil and peel turkey eggs, cut into pieces.
Cut cucumbers.
Peel the onion and cut into half rings.
Season the ingredients with sour cream and sprinkle with dill.

Tasty Facts

Calorie turkey egg – 175 kcal.

You can buy turkey eggs at specialized farms and in farm food stores. The price of turkey eggs is 100 rubles / dozen (on average in Moscow as of April 2017).

Turkey eggs are a rare product, as they are mainly produced for breeding birds.

A turkey egg is larger than a chicken egg – its weight is from 50 to 90 grams. The taste of a boiled turkey egg is practically no different from a chicken one. The yolk is slightly larger and the taste of the yolk is softer, the texture is more silky. Turkey eggs can be used in salads instead of chicken eggs. The advantage of turkey eggs is that they rarely cause allergies.

Young eggs are lighter and less stale.