How much to salt watermelons?

Large pieces of watermelon with a rind will take 6-8 months to pickle, watermelons without a rind and small pieces of watermelon will take 1-2 weeks to pickle.

How easy it is to salt watermelons

Watermelons – 5 kilograms
per liter of brine
Dill – several branches
Garlic – 6 teeth
Allspice – 6 peas
Fresh hot pepper (can be replaced with dried) – 1/3 pod
Salt (ideally sea) – 1 tablespoon
Sugar – 1 tablespoon a spoon

How to quickly make salted watermelons
1. Wash watermelons, cut off the upper and lower circles.
2. Cut watermelons into 3 cm thick circles, each circle into large triangles 3 cm thick.
3. Pack watermelons tightly into jars.
4. Pour boiling water over the watermelons in a thin stream, cover the jars with lids and leave at room temperature until completely cooled (about 2-3 hours).
5. Peel, wash and cut the garlic into petals, measure out the required amount of spices.
6. Drain the liquid from the jars into a saucepan, add salt and sugar based on the amount of brine.
7. Put the brine on the fire, bring to a boil, put the spices and boil the brine for 1 minute after boiling.
8. Pour the watermelons with brine, roll up the jars with lids, wrap them in a warm blanket and leave to infuse and cool.
9. Remove jars with salted watermelons for storage. After 2-3 weeks, watermelons will be ready to eat.

How to quickly pickle watermelons

Watermelon – 2-2.5 kilograms
Salt – 2 heaping tablespoons
Sugar – 1 tablespoon
Mustard powder – 1 tablespoon

How to make salted watermelons in 2 days
1. Cut watermelons into small triangles with skin.
2. Pour salt, sugar and mustard into a deep bowl.
3. Roll each piece of watermelon in this mixture and place tightly against each other in a saucepan.
4. Close the pan with a plate or lid of smaller diameter.
5. Put oppression on top of the lid – for example, a smaller diameter pot filled with water.

Tasty Facts

– The taste of salty watermelon – spicy watermelon wine.

– It is not necessary to remove the bones when salting watermelons, but it is desirable that the meal is not interrupted by picking out the bones from the snack.

– Time of salting watermelons – from six months to 8 months. To speed up the salting period to 12 hours, it is necessary to prick the watermelon peel in 10-12 places with a thick needle, or even salt watermelons without a peel.

– When pricking watermelon peels to speed up salting, it is important to understand that gas will not remain in it during salting, which means that ready-made salted watermelons will not have a pleasant carbonated sharpness.

– Salted watermelons are served as a snack and as a drink, squeezing the juice from watermelons into a decanter.

– The amount of brine for watermelon must be selected taking into account the number of watermelons and the size of the cut pieces; so, for a watermelon weighing 5 kilograms, you need 5 liters of brine if you cut it coarsely, and 3 liters if you cut the watermelon not coarsely.

– The season for salting watermelons is in September-October.

– Small (up to 2 kilograms) ripe thin-skinned juicy watermelons are suitable for salting, then the salted preparation will turn out soft and juicy. It is recommended to use dense parts of watermelon for harvesting for the winter so that ready-made salted watermelons do not lose their shape during processing and storage.

– Pieces of watermelon for salting should be such that they can easily pass into the jar.

– To taste, watermelons can be salted with or without a peel. Use in the same way. If there are a lot of watermelon peels left at once, you can pickle them separately.

– To give salty watermelons a special flavor, you can put a pair of leaves of cherries, cherries, currants, horseradish, dill or celery inflorescences on the bottom of each jar, and for a sweet shade, before putting watermelons in a jar, grease each jar with honey. To make watermelons slightly spicy, add a small piece of hot pepper to the jars. To slightly acidify watermelons, you can add 20 milliliters of 9% vinegar per jar to each jar.

– Since salted watermelons are a carbonated product, there is a risk of blanks exploding during storage. To prevent the jars from exploding, it is necessary to add 1.5 grams of aspirin to each of them, or 1/3 teaspoon for each liter of the jar. Also, for long-term storage of the workpiece, a couple of tablespoons of 9% vinegar are added to ready-made salted watermelons.

– To make salted watermelons in a barrel-like effect, add 1 small oak bar and a couple of oak leaves to each jar of watermelons.