How much to pickle bell pepper

3 liters of pickled peppers cook for 3 hours.

Pickled bell pepper

For 3 liter jars
Sweet bell pepper – 17 pieces (3 kilograms)
Hot chili pepper – 1 piece
Garlic – 6 teeth
Dill greens – 10 sprigs
Parsley greens – 10 sprigs
Bay leaf – 4 pieces
Vegetable oil – 300 milliliters
Vinegar 9% – 400 milliliters
Sugar – half a kilo
Salt – 2-3 tablespoons to taste
Water – 1 liter

How to pickle bell peppers
1. Wash bell peppers, hot peppers, parsley and dill. Wipe excess moisture from peppers and herbs with a towel.
2. Cut each of the bell peppers in half, remove the stem and seeds; halves cut into 3 parts.
3. Finely chop 10 sprigs of parsley and dill.
4. Cut the hot chili pepper in half, remove the seeds; Cut each half lengthwise into thin strips.
5. Peel 6 garlic cloves and then cut each clove into 3 petals.
6. Put bell peppers in jars. As you lay down, add strips of bitter pepper, herbs and pieces of garlic.
7. Add 2 leaves of parsley to each jar.
8. Pour jars of pepper with cold water.
9. Pour the water from the jars into a saucepan (you will get about 1 liter of liquid).
10. Add a quarter cup of vegetable oil, a pound of sugar and 2-3 tablespoons of salt. Boil the brine.
11. Pour brine over peppers in a jar.
12. Put the jars of peppers in a saucepan, fill with hot water and put on medium heat.
13. After boiling water, reduce the fire and sterilize the jars of peppers for 15 minutes.
14. Get the jars out of the pan.
15. Add 130 milliliters of 9% vinegar to each and immediately seal with lids. Turn the jars over, put on the lid and let cool under a towel.

Tasty Facts

When peeling bell peppers, pay attention to the taste of the partitions – if they are at least slightly bitter, they should be removed, since their bitterness will increase many times over in the workpiece. Also, pickled peppers will be very bitter if you mix it up and add at least 1 hot pepper instead of bell pepper.

For flavor, before (or even instead of) blanching, bell peppers can be pan-fried until golden brown.

Bulgarian pepper can be pickled whole, but for this you should take small-fruited varieties so that at least a few can fit in a jar. It is also recommended to take large jars so that the pepper appetizer looks solid. Keep in mind that a 3 liter jar will hold more peppers than a 3 liter jar. It is also worth considering that whole peppers are less susceptible to blanching and so that they do not lose their taste, prick them with a fork (at least 10 injections per pepper).

When pickling bell peppers, chili pepper can be replaced with black peppercorns (take a teaspoon for the indicated amount of vegetables).

If you pre-fill jars with prepared peppers with cold water, you can accurately determine the amount of brine needed. If there is not enough brine, you need to add a little boiling water to the jar.

When sterilizing, jars must be covered with lids.

Vinegar is recommended to be added at the end of cooking – directly into the jar to avoid the spread of a specific smell in the room.

Hot peppers are pickled in the same way, but in smaller jars (because hot peppers are not consumed in large quantities), so as not to deteriorate.