How much to fry vermicelli in a pan

In a frying pan, cook 250 grams of noodles for 20 minutes over medium heat of a harmful burner or low heat of a large burner. Choose a burner depending on the size of the pan.

400 grams of vermicelli cook for 30 minutes.

How to fry vermicelli

Products Vermicelli – 250 grams
Butter (80% fat) – 50 grams
Salt – 1 pinch
Spices – to taste
Boiled water – 250 milliliters

How to cook vermicelli in a pan
1. Measure 250 grams of vermicelli, heat the pan and melt 50 grams of butter in it .
2. When the oil boils, pour the vermicelli into the pan and mix thoroughly.
3. Stir continuously until the vermicelli is dark golden brown.
4. Pour 250 milliliters of cold boiled water into the pan, salt and mix the vermicelli well.
5. Close the pan with a lid and wait 7 minutes until the vermicelli is fully cooked.
6. Remove the pan from the heat and arrange the vermicelli on plates.

Tasty Facts

– Calorie content of noodles in a pan – 250 kcal / 100 grams.

– To measure the required amount of pasta, use a kitchen scale or a regular 250 ml mug. Pour the vermicelli into a mug, filling it to the brim – this way you will measure out 250 grams of vermicelli.

– For fried vermicelli , it is recommended to use a non-stick deep frying pan or a wok (round deep Chinese frying pan).

– Vermicelli contains many useful substances for the body. B vitamins and amino acids have a positive effect on the digestive and intestinal systems.

– Fried vermicelli can be servedas an independent dish (if you add cheese, mushrooms and / or an egg when frying) or a side dish for poultry, fish or meat. It can be prepared with cutlets, roasts, French meat or baked carp.

– Shelf life of fried vermicelli – 2 days. It should be stored in a sealed container (frying pan, saucepan, plate under cling film) in the refrigerator. Raw vermicelli is recommended to be stored in a dry, clean place in accordance with the shelf life indicated on the product packaging (approximately six months to a year).

– The cost of vermicelli in Moscow – from 35 rubles. for 450 grams (as of June 2016). – In the process of cooking fried vermicelli, you can use various spices to give the vermicelli a special shade and aroma:
turmeric – gives a rich yellow color and a slight spicy smell;
marjoram – a spicy pronounced taste. Can replace pepper;
garlic granules – for a sharp fragrant aroma and rich taste;
hops-suneli – gives a characteristic taste and a bright oriental aroma.

– Fried vermicelli goes well with spicy types of sauces (“Tobasco”, mustard, chili, adjika) and tender ones (sour cream, tartar, Burgundy).