How much to fry lobsters

Fry lobsters for 2-3 minutes in a hot frying pan.

How to fry lobsters

1. If the seafood is from the freezer, it must be kept in a warm room or thawed using a microwave.
2. Lobsters can be slightly boiled before frying – a couple of minutes will be enough.
3. Remove the sharp parts of the paws, it is better to operate with scissors.
4. Before frying, lobsters can be marinated – for example, in citrus juice and soy sauce. A couple of hours for the marinade will be enough.
5. Heat the oil to bubbles and lay out the lobsters.
6. Fry langus for 2 minutes.

How to grill lobsters on charcoal

Rinse the spiny lobster, remove the small walking legs, then:
1. Remove the shell from the inside of the tail.
2. Make two or three cuts on the meat, grease it with sauces: soy – 2 tbsp. l.; fish – 1 tsp; oyster – 1 tsp
3. Make a tight ring out of foil, close the shell at the base of the tail with it. Lobster can be laid out on coals. The heat should be moderate.
4. Whitened meat indicates readiness.
5. Thai sauce will complement the dish. Prepared with fish sauce (1 tbsp), dried chili peppers (1/8 tsp), minced garlic (2 cloves), lime (1/2 tbsp) and red onion (1/2 head), a pinch of sugar. Wipe and mix the components, leave for 15 minutes. Serve with lobster.