How much to fry lamprey

Fry the lamprey over medium heat for 10 minutes, turning regularly.

How to fry lamprey

Lampreys – 1 kilogram
Lemon – half
Flour – a teaspoon
Coarse salt – 3 tablespoons
Vegetable oil – 50 milliliters
Ground pepper – to taste

How to fry lampreys
1. Wash lampreys in cold water.
2. Pour a handful of salt on the tail of the lamprey, grind it along the carcass, cleaning off the mucus.
3. Rinse the lampreys cleared of mucus.
4. Cut off the heads along with the gills – a row of holes coming from the head of the lamprey.
5. Cut the lampreys along the carcass, remove the insides.
6. Cut the lamprey into pieces 10 centimeters long, rub with salt and pepper.
7. Roll the pieces of lamprey in flour.
8. Pour oil into a frying pan, place over medium heat and heat.
9. Roast the lampreys for 10 minutes, turning regularly.
10. Sprinkle the finished lampreys with lemon juice.

Tasty Facts

– Lamprey is a snake-shaped river fish , without scales, fins and bones.

– Lamprey is covered with poisonous mucus , so it is safe to use fresh fish for cooking, preferably live. To get rid of mucus on lamprey, you need to leave it in salt water for 60 minutes. After that, remove the mucus with a large amount of salt – pinch the head of the lamprey with your fingers, and with the other hand with salt, run along the body, pressing hard. Rinse off the salt with water or wipe the fish with a dry paper towel.

– You need to eat fried lamprey immediately after cooking, otherwise the fat becomes rancid and the fish deteriorates. To avoid this, lamprey can be marinated – pour jelly.

– Upon purchaselamprey should pay attention to its color – the fish should not be pale. The gills and eyes of a fresh lamprey should be clean, and the body should be flexible.

– You can fry the lamprey in a Teflon pan without oil , as it already contains a lot of fat.

– When frying, lamprey fat gives off a pungent smell , so it is recommended to cook it with a working hood and open windows.