How much to extinguish azu

Cook azu from beef for 2.5 hours.

How to cook azu

Beef – half a kilo
Clarified butter (can be replaced with vegetable) – 50 milliliters
Carrots – 1 medium
Tomato paste – 1 tablespoon
Onions – 2 large heads
Flour – a tablespoon without a slide
Pickled cucumbers – 150 grams
Potatoes – 500 grams
Tomatoes – 2 large tomato
Garlic – 2 cloves
Bay leaf – 2 leaves Dill, parsley , cilantro
– to taste, 3 tablespoons
Ground black pepper – a pinch
Salt – to taste 2 centimeters.

2. Heat the frying pan, pour in the oil and lay out the meat. Fry for 10 minutes over medium heat without a lid.
3. Heat another pan, fry the tomato paste for 5 minutes.
4. Pour half a glass of water and fried tomato paste into the meat, simmer for 40 minutes.
5. Cut pickles into strips.
6. Fry the flour in a pan, add half a glass of water and mix well.
7. Peel and cut the onion into half rings, peel the carrots and cut into circles.
8. Heat up a frying pan, pour oil, put onions, fry for 5 minutes, add carrots and fry for 7 minutes.
9. Add flour, onions, carrots, cucumbers to the meat and simmer for 10 minutes.
10. Put the peeled and chopped potatoes into the pan, fry for 15 minutes, then add to the meat.
11. Wash and cut the tomatoes into cubes, add to the pan.
12. Peel the garlic, cut and add to the pan, simmer for 5 minutes.
13. Chop the greens and add to the meat.

Tasty Facts

You can cook azu without potatoes, just without adding it. And you can remove the potatoes from the recipe and add rice, pre-cooked until half cooked for 10 minutes: add to the meat 15 minutes before the end of cooking.

Azu Products

Since the azu is cooked for a very long time, for it you should take the sinewy meat of the shoulder blade, thighs. Soft meat intended for frying may fall apart when stewing azu. Traditionally, beef, mutton or horse meat are put in aza in Tatar style.

Azu is a spicy dish, so you can use different types of fresh and dried peppers.

The amount of salt for azu should be adjusted with care due to the presence of pickles in the recipe.

The difference between azu and stew

Azu differs from goulash precisely in the addition of pickles; spicy seasonings are also necessarily put in the azu.

Garnish for azu

If the azu is cooked with potatoes or rice, then it can be served as a full-fledged dish, without a side dish. If rice and potatoes are not added, they can be served separately as a side dish, or you can use buckwheat, stewed or fried vegetables for a side dish.