How much to cook semolina?

Cook semolina porridge for 1-2 minutes, depending on the variety of semolina and the desired degree of porridge density. The fire during cooking should be small, sufficient for weak seething.

In a frying pan: heat semolina in a deep enameled frying pan until it turns yellow, pour milk over it. Stir, cook for 2-3 minutes, close the lid and stand for 3-5 minutes.

Semolina porridge with milk

Ingredients for 1 serving
Semolina – 2 soup spoons (30 grams) for medium consistency and 1.5 tablespoons for liquid semolina
Liquid – cook semolina porridge in milk and water in the same way , so either 1 cup (300 milliliters) of milk, or 1 a glass of water, or a mixture of them in an arbitrary ratio
Water, so that the milk does not burn at the beginning of cooking – 1 tablespoon (20 milliliters)
Sugar or honey – 1-2 teaspoons to taste
Salt – on the tip of a knife
Butter – 1 cube 15 grams.

How to cook semolina

  • Measure a glass of liquid – milk or water, pour into a saucepan.
    How much to cook semolina?
  • Put a pot of water on a quiet fire.
    How much to cook semolina?
  • Pour sugar into water.
    How much to cook semolina?
  • Add salt.
    How much to cook semolina?
  • Pour semolina into slightly warmed water in a thin stream, continuously stirring the porridge with a spoon.
    How much to cook semolina?
  • Boil semolina porridge for 2 minutes after boiling, then pour into a plate and serve. If the porridge seems watery, you can insist it for a couple of minutes under the lid – it will swell slightly.How much to cook semolina?
  • Your semolina is cooked! If you cook semolina porridge in milk, the method is exactly the same, you just need to rinse the saucepan with ice water first so that the milk does not burn.
    Serve porridge with a cube of butter. To taste, you can add jam, syrup, jelly, chopped dried fruits or candied fruits to semolina porridge.

Original ways to cook semolina

Semolina porridge in a multicooker
Pour milk into the multicooker bowl, add semolina, butter and sugar, stir a little and cook for 8 minutes with the lid open with constant stirring, then, when the water boils, close the multicooker with a lid and cook for 2 minutes in the “Porridge” mode. At the end of cooking, mix the semolina well.

Method of cooking porridge with semolina swelling
The method is good when it is inconvenient to simultaneously pour cereals and stir porridge or when it is inconvenient to wait for the liquid to
boil 1. Pour semolina, salt and sugar into cold water, mix thoroughly.
2. Wait 10 minutes for the semolina to absorb the liquid and swell.
3. Put the pan on the fire and stir after boiling for 2-3 minutes.

How to cook semolina porridge in a pan
1. Measure semolina and liquid.
2. Heat the pan over medium heat.
3. Put a piece of butter in a frying pan.
4. Sprinkle semolina evenly, fry for 2-3 minutes until yellowing with active stirring.
5. Add liquid (water and / or milk), diluting sugar and salt in it, cook porridge for 2 minutes with active stirring.
6. Turn off the fire, insist 3 minutes under the lid.

Tasty Facts

How to make porridge of the desired consistency and without lumps

Proportions for cooking semolina porridge: for 10 parts of liquid (water or milk) 1 part of semolina. For example, for 300 milliliters of milk – 30 grams of semolina. In tablespoons per 300 milliliters of liquid – 3 tablespoons of semolina.

In order for semolina porridge to be without lumps, it is necessary to pour semolina into a hot liquid (water or milk) in a thin stream with active stirring. At the same time, the fire should be minimal in order to have time to stir all the cereals in a boiling liquid in a fairly short cooking time. Another option is to pour semolina into cold water, so there will be more time for stirring and by the end of cooking, even if there were lumps, they will be stirred.

If you pour cereal into a liquid from a bag, there is a high probability of not keeping the proportions, and if from a spoon, a thin stream may not work. To keep the proportions and the recipe, it is recommended to measure the semolina before cooking the porridge and pour it into a mug, and while cooking from the mug, pour the cereal into a saucepan with water and / or milk in a thin stream.

So that semolina porridge does not burn 100%, it is recommended to use a pan with a non-stick coating or grease the bottom with a piece of butter before cooking.

How to make semolina porridge tastier

When cooking semolina, you can add vanilla, cinnamon, honey, jam, fruits and fresh berries. Additionally, you can decorate with jam and a mint leaf, and to make the liquid semolina more airy, after cooking it is recommended to beat it with a whisk with the addition of a melted cube of butter.

You can mix water and milk in equal proportions, then the porridge will be milky and not very greasy. If milk has a fat content of more than 3%, then more water can be taken.

Salt is added to semolina to make the sweet taste more vivid.

And one more thing

Semolina is stored in an airtight container for no more than a year. The recommended shelf life is six months to a year.

The cost of semolina is from 36 rubles per kilogram of semolina (average for Moscow as of July 2019). A good semolina will be completely white, without impurities.

Semolina is also useful for adults with chronic fatigue, chronic renal failure, gastritis pain. Semolina is useful for improving immunity, the human digestive system. At the same time, it is not recommended to eat semolina after 45 years, so as not to cause bone destruction.

How to learn how to cook semolina
The most important principle is not to leave the stove while cooking semolina. If semolina porridge is cooked with milk, milk can burn or run away without attention, and cooking porridge will leave behind only inedible lumps. Therefore, devote all the time to your porridge – after the first cooking, you will understand why it is necessary that way.
Principle number 2 – do not make semolina too thick. When measuring the amount of semolina for the first time, if there is no scale, just take an ordinary soup spoon (not a large salad spoon, but a regular one for soup) and measure 2 spoons with a small slide. It is always better to put less semolina, since the finished porridge can be infused for 10-15 minutes in the same pan under the lid, and it will become denser, but lumpy porridge cannot be fixed. After tasting the cooked porridge, decide whether you want to make it thicker or not, and adjust the proportions to taste the next time you cook it.

Proportions for cooking semolina porridge
Proportions for cooking semolina – for 300 milliliters of milk 30 grams of semolina (2 soup spoons with a slide). Get the consistency as they give in children’s canteens.
It should be noted that depending on the variety of semolina porridge, water hardness and fat content of milk, the consistency of the finished porridge will change. So, from a glass of milk and 30 grams of semolina, porridge will turn out to be more liquid than from a glass of milk + water in a ratio of 1: 1 and 30 grams of semolina, and dense porridge itself will turn out from 300 milliliters of water and 30 grams of semolina.

How much to cook semolina?

How to serve ready-made semolina
Vanilla, cinnamon, honey, cocoa, condensed milk, jam, juice, nuts, fruits and fresh berries are added to semolina. Additionally, you can decorate with jam, dried fruits, mint leaves.