How much to cook pike?

Pike should be boiled for 25-30 minutes .

In a slow cooker, cook the pike for 30 minutes in the “Steaming” mode.

Boil the pike in the ear for half an hour, for a rich broth – 1 hour .

How to cook pike

Pike – 1 piece Carrot – 1 piece Onion – 1 head Celery, dill – one sprig each Potato – 1 piece Recipe1. Before cooking, the fish should be cleaned, the head cut off, the gills and entrails removed from the abdomen. 2. Rinse the pike well, cut into small pieces and rinse again. 3. Then shift with chopped onions. 4. In cold water, put chopped carrots, onions, celery and dill. You can use the bow, which shifted the fish. 5. Peel potatoes, cut and put in broth. It will absorb excess fat. 6. Put the pike there. 7. Cook over medium heat. 8. When foam appears, carefully remove it with a slotted spoon. 9. After boiling water, close the pan and reduce the heat. 10. Boil for 30 minutes, then remove the pieces of fish from the pan and sprinkle with water, half diluted with vinegar or lime juice.

How to cook pike fish soup

Products Pike – 700-800 grams Carrots – 1 piece Onion – 2 pieces Parsley root – 2 pieces Bay leaf – 1 piece Peppercorns – 5-6 pieces Lemon – 1 piece for decoration Ground pepper, salt and parsley – to taste How to cook pike ear How to clean a pikeWash the pike under cold water, scrape off the scales from all sides of the pike with a knife, cut off the tail and head with gills with a knife, and cut off the fins with culinary scissors. Cut the belly of the fish lengthwise from head to tail, remove all the insides and films, rinse thoroughly inside and out. 1. Pike cut into large pieces. 2. Boil the pike in a large amount of salt water, periodically removing the foam. 3. Strain the pike broth and return to the pan. 4. Peel and cut onions and carrots. 5. Finely chop the parsley root. 6. Add onions, carrots and parsley to the ear, salt and pepper. 7. Boil pike soup for another 5 minutes, then insist under a closed lid for 10 minutes. Serve pike soup with lemon and parsley. For a snack, fresh black bread and pies are perfect for the ear.

How to cook aspic from pike

Products Pike – 800 grams Onions – 1 piece Celery and parsley root – to taste Pepper, salt and bay leaf – to taste The head and spine of any other river fish – preferably 1 piece How to cook aspic from pike in a saucepan1. Put all the heads, tails, spines, fins in a saucepan and pour two liters of cold water. 2. Add vegetables there and cook for two hours. 3. After that, the broth must be filtered through a fine sieve or cheesecloth. 4. Pike must be cut into 4-5 pieces. 5. Add pike, bay leaf, salt and pepper to the broth. 6. Cook for 20 minutes. 7. After cooking, take out the pieces of fish and separate the meat. 8. Be sure to strain the broth again. 9. Divide the meat into molds and pour over the broth. 10. You can decorate with chopped eggs and carrots. 11. Remove to a cool place until it hardens.

Tasty Facts

– Pike ear can be boiled in chicken broth , with the addition of chopped potatoes (20 minutes before the end of cooking) or millet (half an hour). – If pike ear is boiled on their heads, their eyes and gills should be removed. – If you want to get a very rich pike broth, you need to cook the pike in the ear for 1 hour, and stir a piece of butter in the finished ear. At the same time, expect that for 1 liter of broth you need a cube with a side of 2 centimeters. — Pike meat is a dietary product. 100 grams contains only 84 kcal. Pike contains vitamins A (destroy bacteria and viruses, maintain the health and youth of cells, improve vision and immunity in general), C (strengthens immunity), B (group B vitamins are involved in the normalization of carbohydrate and protein metabolism, affect the skin, strengthen hair and vision, liver, digestive tract and nervous system), E (normalizes metabolism), PP (strengthens blood vessels). — Before buyingpike should pay attention to its appearance and smell. Pike eyes should be clear and clean. The scales are smooth and close to the skin, the tail is elastic and moist, and the smell is fresh and pleasant, hardly reminiscent of sea mud. The pike is not usable if the carcass has cloudy eyes, and the trail, when pressed, remains for a long time. Also, stale pike has an unpleasant odor and a dry bent tail. This fish should not be bought. – Caloric content of boiled pike – 90 kcal / 100 grams.

How to cook stuffed pike

Products Pike – 1 kilogram Onion – 2 pieces White bread – 2 pieces Carrots – 1 piece Paprika – 0.5 tsp Pepper, salt, bay leaf – to taste Food preparation 1. With a sharp knife, make an incision in the skin just below the gills. 2. Remove the skin, starting from the head. 3. Not reaching two centimeters to the tail, cut the ridge; remove the meat from the bones. 4. Soak two pieces of bread in water and squeeze. 5. Grind fish meat, a bun and one onion in a meat grinder. 6. Add paprika, salt and pepper to minced meat; mix well. How to cook stuffed pike in a double boiler 1. Put carrots and onions cut into rings on the double boiler grate. 2. Lay the fish, put the head in the center. 3. Cook in a double boiler should be 30 minutes with intense boiling. How to cook stuffed pike in a pan1. Put the ridge from the pike, sliced ​​​​onion rings and carrots on the bottom of the pan. You can also add onion husks there, so that the fish has a more beautiful color. 2. Lay the stuffed fish, put the head in the center. 3. Add enough cold water to cover the vegetables and just reach the fish. 4. Cook for 1.5-2 hours. How to cook stuffed pike in a slow cooker 1. Put the backbone from the pike, sliced ​​onion rings and carrots on the bottom of the pan. You can also add onion husks there, so that the fish has a more beautiful color. 2. Lay the stuffed fish, put the head in the center. 3. Add enough cold water to cover the vegetables and just reach the fish. 4. It is necessary to turn on the “Extinguishing” mode for 1.5-2 hours.