How much to cook juice from viburnum?

How to brew juice from viburnum

Products Kalina – 1 kilogram Sugar – 1 glass Water – 1 liter

How to brew viburnum juice 1. Sort viburnum and rinse with running water. 2. Pour the berries into a colander and shake a few times to dry. 3. Put the berries in an enamel pan and pour 1 liter of cold water. 4. Put the pan on the fire, bring to a boil and cook for 10 minutes until the berries are soft. 5. Put boiled berries little by little on a sieve and grind from cake and seeds. 6. Return the grated viburnum to the pan and put on fire. 7. Boil viburnum juice over low heat without a lid for 10 minutes, stirring and dissolving sugar. 8. Strain the viburnum juice through a cloth and pour into hot sterilized jars. Viburnum juice in a juicer1. Put the washed and dried viburnum into the upper container of the juice cooker, add sugar. 2. Pour water into the lower container of the juicer. 3. Assemble the juice cooker: put the bottom part, then the juice collector and then the viburnum container. 4. Put the juicer on the fire and cook the juice for 40 minutes. 5. Drain the juice from the juicer and pour into hot sterilized jars; cool and put away for the winter. Viburnum juice in a multicooker 1. Put viburnum in a multicooker container, pour water and cover with sugar. 2. Close the lid of the multicooker, set the multicooker to the “Extinguishing” mode and cook for 40 minutes. 3. Hot juice is ready to drink.

Tasty Facts

– An enamel pan or a stainless steel pan is most suitable for boiling viburnum juice. – If the sieve has too large holes for grinding berries, you should use gauze, “squeezing” the berries through it. – When boiling juice from viburnum, juice will form – it must be removed with a tablespoon or slotted spoon. – The season for brewing viburnum juice is from early September to early November. – If viburnum juice is boiled in a juice cooker, it is necessary to pre-treat the hose for draining the juice with boiling water. – For a variety of taste, when cooking viburnum, you can add the juice of 1 lemon (for each kilogram of viburnum). – The shelf life of viburnum juice in the cellar is 1 year. – Rich in vitamin C, viburnum juice is great for colds and flu.