How much to cook jelly?

Kissel cook for 1-25 minutes, depending on the berries or fruits used in the jelly. Cook jelly in a slow cooker in the “steaming” mode for 15 minutes and leave for 40 minutes without opening the slow cooker. Dilute jelly from a pack with cold water, put on fire and bring to a boil.

How to cook jelly from a pack

Kissel – briquette 250 grams
Boiled cold water – 1 cup
Running water – 1 liter

How to cook jelly from a pack
1. Put a pack of dry jelly (250 grams) into a deep plate, pour cold boiled water (half a cup to a glass is enough) and stir the powder with a spoon with quick movements. You need to stir very carefully so that lumps do not form in the jelly.
2. Pour a liter of cold water into a small saucepan, put it on the stove and let it boil.
3. Mix the diluted concentrate in a bowl and carefully pour it into the pan. Continuing to stir with a spoon or wooden spatula, bring the drink to a boil.
4. Kissel remove from heat and cool quickly. Ready thickened drink can be poured into glasses with a ladle and served on the table.

How to cook jelly from powder

Package of powdered jelly – 25 grams
Water – 1 cup (250 milliliters)

How to cook jelly from powder
1. Tear the bag, pour all the jelly into a mug.
2. In a kettle, bring water to a boil, then cool slightly.
3. Pour hot boiled water into a mug.

Tip: for a large mug, it would be better to take 2 bags.

How to cook jelly from jam with starch

Jam – 6 tablespoons
Water – 1 liter
Citric acid – 1 pinch
Sugar – 3 tablespoons
Starch (for liquid jelly – 2 teaspoons with a slide per 1 liter of water, for medium jelly – 2.5 teaspoons with a slide, for thick jelly – 4 spoons with a slide)

How to cook jelly from jam
Pour water into a saucepan, put on fire. When the water heats up, put the jam, cook for 5 minutes. Strain the mixture through a sieve, return to the pan, add sugar, citric acid and mix thoroughly. Dilute starch in water and pour in a thin stream into a saucepan with jelly. Put the saucepan on the fire and bring the jelly to a boil. Your jam jelly is cooked!

How to cook jelly from berries with starch

Berries (300 grams fresh or 500 grams frozen)
Water – 1 liter
Sugar – 3 tablespoons
Starch (for liquid jelly – 2 teaspoons with a slide per 1 liter of water, for medium jelly – 2.5 teaspoons with a slide, for thick jelly – 4 spoons with a slide)

How to cook kissel from berries
Berries, if fresh, squeeze. If thawed, defrost. Rub the berries through a sieve, put the berry juice in a cold place. Put the berry pulp in a saucepan, add water, put on fire, bring to a boil and cook for 1 minute. Strain the pomace, return the broth to the pan and put it on the fire, add sugar, pour in the starch diluted in cold water in a thin stream, bring to a boil, pour in the berry juice and turn off the fire under the jelly.

How to cook milk jelly

Cow’s milk – 6 cups Fruit
syrup – 5 tablespoons
Starch – 4.5 tablespoons Granulated
sugar – 4.5 tablespoons
Vanilla powder – 1 pinch
Ground cinnamon – 1 pinch

How to cook jelly with milk
1. Pour 6 cups of cow’s milk into an aluminum or enamel pan and put on moderate heat.
2. As soon as the milk begins to boil, move the pan to the off burner. Add 4.5 tablespoons of sugar to hot milk and stir with a spoon until completely dissolved.
3. Scoop half a cup of milk from the pan, pour 4.5 tablespoons of starch into a cup and stir quickly.
4. Pour the diluted starch back into the saucepan, add 5 tablespoons of syrup from any fruit and mix.
5. Put the milk jelly on medium heat again, let it boil, then reduce the gas and cook for another 4 minutes.
6. As soon as the jelly boils, remove the pan from the heat, add a pinch of vanilla powder and mix.
7. Cool the finished drink a little and pour chilled into glasses. If desired, for a special taste and aroma, you can sprinkle the jelly with cinnamon or garnish with a sprig of mint.