How much to cook hot peppers for harvesting?

Boil hot peppers for harvesting 2 minutes .

Harvesting hot pepper

Products per 1 liter
Large fruits of hot pepper – 1 kilogram
Strongly salted anchovy – 750 grams
Salted capers – 50 grams
Vegetable (olive) oil – 1 liter
Table vinegar 7% – 1.5 cups

How to cook hot peppers for the winter
1. Wash the fruits of hot peppers. Carefully, without damaging the integrity, cut off the stem and remove the seeds.
2. Put the pepper on the bottom of the pan, add vinegar, and pour water so that it covers the fruit completely.
3. Bring to a boil, leave to cook over low heat for one to two minutes (the time depends on the thickness of the wall of the fruit), then transfer to a saucepan.
4. Rinse the fish with cold water, dry.
5. Then clean the insides from the anchovies, cut off the head with gills, remove the backbone.
6. Put two or three pieces of peeled anchovies without a ridge and the same number of capers into the chilled dried peppers.
7. Pour three tablespoons of olive oil into the prepared (steamed or otherwise sterilized) jar.
8. Carefully lay the hot pepper stuffed with fish to the top.
9. Pour hot peppers with olive oil, cover, put in a cool dark place.
10. After two days, open the jars, add the required amount of olive oil, roll up.

By the way, adjika is also cooked from pepper for the winter .

Tasty Facts

– Particular attention should be paid to safety when working with hot pepper, otherwise there is a risk of physically feeling all its sharpness. The best protection against burns would be a medical gauze bandage on the nose and mouth, and disposable latex gloves on the hands.

When peeled or damaged pepper fruits come into contact with water, its properties to burn the skin are enhanced many times, be vigilant and do not rub your eyes with your hands. If, despite all the precautions, hot pepper gets into your eyes, treat them with strong brewed black tea, which, as a rule, is at hand in the kitchen, and then drip any anti-inflammatory eye drops.

– It is necessary to control the degree of readiness during cooking – if the peppers are overcooked, then the appetizer will fail.

– In each jar at the bottom you can put spices and seasonings : a few incised cloves of garlic, a couple of sprigs of tarragon or parsley, coriander, white, black or pink pepper.

– You can give this traditional Italian dish a truly piquant taste by replacing table vinegar and water with wine vinegar mixed with white wine (in the same total amount, in a ratio of 1: 1). In such a mixture, the fruits should also be blanched for no more than three minutes.

– Hot peppers preserved in this way are stored for up to one year in a cold pantry or cellar.

– Serve hot peppers stuffed with capers and anchovies, as an independent snack or with a side dish of boiled potatoes.

– Olive oil left over from canned food can be used in salads – it will give the vegetables a sharpness and piquancy.