How much to cook butter?

Fresh boletus is brought to a boil in water alone and then boiled in fresh salted water for 30 minutes, uncovered.

Butter in a slow cooker cook for 40 minutes in the “Extinguishing” mode.

How to cook butter

You will need – oil, water, a small knife for cleaning

How to clean butternuts before cooking
1. Butternuts are not soaked during cleaning, because they are quite wet themselves.
2. For easy cleaning, butternuts should be laid out on grates or baking sheets, and left to dry slightly.
3. It is necessary to start cleaning the oil after half an hour of drying.
4. Gently clean the caps from dirt and forest debris, it is not necessary to remove the film from the cap, if it gives bitterness to the mushroom taste, then it is completely imperceptible. Scrape the leg with a knife.
5. If necessary, cut the oil into slices or cubes.
5. Pour the peeled mushrooms into the pan and pour water so that the remaining rubbish remains at the bottom of the pan. 6. After a couple of minutes, transfer the mushrooms with a slotted spoon to fresh water and start cooking.
7. To make it easier to wash your hands after cleaning with oil, you need to support them in a solution of 9% vinegar or lemon for a couple of minutes.

8. Put the pot with mushrooms on the fire, add a little salt (for 1 liter of water – 1 teaspoon of salt).
9. Cook the butternut squash for 30 minutes after boiling.
10. Put the mushrooms in a colander, strain the broth through a sieve.

How to cook oil mushrooms before frying
Oil mushrooms do not have to be boiled before frying, but if you doubt the quality or freshness of the mushrooms, you can boil the mushrooms to ensure safety: in the first water for 5 minutes after boiling, then in the main water for 15 minutes.

How to cook
butterfish for freezing It is not necessary to boil butterfish for freezing, but if there is a lot of butter, it makes sense to reduce the volume of mushrooms by boiling – then you get mushroom briquettes that fit very compactly in the freezer. Boil mushrooms for 15 minutes, then cool in a colander, arrange in plastic or polyethylene containers, put in the freezer. Based on the remaining broth, you can cook soup or sauce (or also freeze).

How to cook boletus in soup

Butter for soup is boiled the very first of all the ingredients. The first water is drained, and the second is the basis for the broth: as a rule, for a rich broth, 2-2.5 liters of water are needed for 300 grams of butter.

How to freeze the butterflies for the winter
Clean the mushrooms of dirt, rinse well, dry in a colander for 20 minutes, cut large butterflies into pieces with a side of 2-3 centimeters, put in small plastic bags and put to freeze in the freezer of the refrigerator. The shelf life of frozen butter is 1 year.

Frozen butternuts then cook for 15 minutes.

Tasty Facts

– In the Moscow region in 2020, butterflies appeared already in June due to a cool and humid climate, and then the heat came with regular thunderstorms.

– Calorie oil – 19 kcal / 100 grams.

– The water in which the boletus was boiled for blanks can be acidified with citric acid or vinegar so that the boletus does not darken during cooking.

– To taste, you can marinate or salt the hats oil separately from the legs.

– These mushrooms are very useful in the content of vitamins A (metabolism), C (immunity), PP (normal development of body tissues), B vitamins (respiration of body cells, mental and emotional health).

– After collecting honey mushrooms, it is necessary to eat or prepare a blank during the day. Store them in the refrigerator on the vegetable shelf.
– To taste, when cleaning, they oil the mushroom film under the cap and the skin can be removed. It should be borne in mind that the bitterness of blanks with butter, as a rule, comes precisely from the films.

– When salting oil, it must be borne in mind that the brine in the jar should be no more than 1/5 of the volume of mushrooms.

– The salting time is oiled for the winter – 45 days.

– The pickling time for oil is 3 days, but for the full disclosure of all the taste qualities, the oil is kept in jars for a month.

– If a decoction remains after cooking the oil , you can cook mushroom soup or sauce on it , or freeze it in a plastic bag for use in winter as a broth. As a rule, a decoction of butter is very rich, therefore, most likely, when preparing soup, the decoction will need to be diluted with water.

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How to salt butter

Products for salting oil
Oil – 1 kilogram
Salt – 2 tablespoons
Water – 1 cup
Peppercorns – 5 pieces
Cloves – 3 pieces
Cinnamon – 1 teaspoon
Blackcurrant leaf – 2 pieces.

How to salt the butterflies
1. Clean the butterflies, wash them, separate the legs from the caps.
2. Cut the caps and legs into pieces of the same size.
3. Prepare one pan for the hats, the second for the legs.
4. Pour water into both pots, add salt and put on fire.
5. Boil hats and legs oil for 20 minutes, stirring regularly.
6. After boiling, monitor the foam, remove it.
7. After cooking, add pepper, parsley, cloves, cinnamon to the pan.
8. Put the butternuts ready for salting in hot sterilized jars, on the bottom of which blackcurrant leaves are laid, close and cool.
9. Store salted butter in a cool dark place for 45 days, then you can serve it to the table.

How to pickle butternut squash

Oil products
– 1 kilogram
Salt – 2 tablespoons
Sugar – 1.5 tablespoons
Water – half a liter
Garlic – 3 cloves
Lavrushka – 3 leaves
Dill – a small bunch
Peppercorns – half a teaspoon
Vinegar 5-6% – 100 milliliters (or 40 milliliters 9% vinegar, or 2 teaspoons 70% vinegar)
To taste, you can add half a teaspoon of cinnamon.

Preparing oil for pickling
1. Clean, wash and dry fresh oil.
2. Put a pot with plenty of water on the fire, put the oil.
3. Boil butter for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally and removing the foam, add salt, and cook for another 5 minutes.
Rinse the boiled mushrooms under running water, drain the water. Peel the garlic and cut into petals.

Preparation of marinade
1. Boil water for marinade separately, add salt and sugar, vinegar.
2. Add mushrooms to the marinade, cook for 20 minutes.

How to marinate boletus
1. Put pepper, bay leaf, dill in sterilized glass jars on the bottom.
2. Then, using a slotted spoon, put the boiled boletus into jars, sprinkling with garlic, pour the marinade up to the shoulders of the jar.
3. Cool the mushrooms by turning the jars of oil over for 2-3 days, wrapping them in a blanket. Then remove the workpiece from the oil in a cool place. For long-term harvesting, mushrooms are recommended directly in jars, not tightly covered with lids, hold in boiling water (sterilize). The bottom of the pot of water should be covered with a towel so that the jars do not burst from the heat.