How much to cook bitters?

Boil bitters for 25-30 minutes in salted water over low heat. To remove the bitter taste, bitters are soaked in cold water for three days, changing the water twice a day.

How to salt bitters

Bitter products
– 1 kilogram
Sea salt – 5 tablespoons
Bay leaf – 2 leaves
Dill – 1 bunch
Garlic – 5 teeth
Vegetable oil – 1/5 cup

How to clean
the bitters Wash the bitters, clean them from forest debris, cut off the legs (you can leave only a couple of centimeters of mushroom legs), cut each mushroom in half and clean the caps and legs of the bitters from dark areas with a knife.

How to pickle
bitters Sort mushrooms (small bitters are best, or large ones can be cut), soak in plenty of water, put in a cold place for 3 days, washing and changing the water 2 times a day.

Boil the bitters, discard in a colander and cool. Peel and cut the garlic petals. Sprinkle the bottom of sterilized jars with salt, dill and peppercorns. Lay in layers, sprinkling with salt and shifting garlic, lavrushka, bitters with the leg up. Put greens on top of the bitters, pour a layer of vegetable oil, tighten the lid and store in a dark, cold place. Mushrooms will settle – you can add new layers of bitters on top to salting. Salted bitters will be ready in 40-50 days.

How to pickle bitters

Mushrooms bitter – 2 kilograms
Onions – 4 heads
Carrots – 1 large carrot
Vinegar 30% – 100 grams
Black pepper – 25 peas.
Cloves – 10 pieces
Bay leaf – 4 leaves
Sugar – 2 tablespoons
Salt – 2 tablespoons

Preparation of bitters
1. Rinse bitters, peel, cut, soak in water for three days. 2. Pour bitters with cold water, salt and boil. 3. Transfer the boiled bitters into a colander and cool there.

How to prepare a marinade for bitters
1. Pour 4 cups of water into a saucepan, add the peeled onion, peeled carrots, pepper, cloves, bay leaf, sugar and salt, mix well.
2. Boil after boiling for 20 minutes, then add vinegar, mushrooms to the pan and cook for another 10 minutes.

Marinating the bitters
1. Arrange the bitters into jars and pour over the marinade.
2. Close and cool the jars, store in a cool, dry place.
3. Pickled bitters are ready after 2 months of pickling.

Tasty Facts

– To make bitters softer in taste , it is recommended to soak them in cold water for 1-3 days, changing the water every 6 hours. To test whether the mushrooms are bitter, boil a small amount of them. After cooking, it will become clear to taste whether to continue soaking. You can boil it out of bitters by hourly cooking – however, keep in mind that in this case it will most likely not be possible to completely get rid of bitterness, and all taste and useful properties will be “boiled” from the mushrooms.

– Bitter has a distinct appearance – slightly raised cap fields (for young mushrooms, the fields first rise, and bend inward along the edges), in the center there is an oily hole with a tubercle, the color is red and beige, a hat with plates. There are no toadstools similar to it, this is a significant plus for beginners in silent hunting.

– The bitter gourd grows from May until late frosts in almost any place in the forests, from arid places to swamps and mosses. Bitters grow in groups of 30-50 mushrooms or more. From 1 good clearing, you can collect a full basket of bitters.

– Bitter belongs to the fourth, the “weakest” class of mushrooms . Boiled or fried, the bitter will give its bitterness to the final dish. In some countries, bittersweet is recognized as an inedible mushroom, but in our country, salting and pickling of bitters is recognized without a doubt.