How much to cook a rooster?

Boil a rooster for 40 minutes per kilogram of weight: for example, boil a large rooster weighing 5 kilograms for 3.5 hours .

Boil the old rooster for at least 1 hour for each kilogram of weight until soft.

For jelly, cook the rooster for 1 hour more.

How to cook a rooster

1. Cut the rooster into pieces to fit in the pan.
2. Wash the pieces of the rooster from the blood, put in a saucepan and pour cold water – a couple of centimeters above the level of the pieces.
3. Put the pan on the fire, wait for it to boil over medium heat.
4. Boil the rooster for 15 minutes, removing the foam, over medium heat.
5. Reduce the fire to a quiet one – so that the water boils, but not much.
6. Put salt and peppercorns, bay leaf, peeled onion and peeled carrots into the pan.
7. Boil the rooster for 2 hours under a lid over low heat.
8. Check the broth for salt and pepper, adding them if necessary.
9. Boil a rooster so that a total of 40 minutes of cooking is obtained for each kilogram of poultry: for example, cook a rooster weighing 5 kilograms for 3.5 hours.

Tasty Facts

The meat of a domestic rooster is tougher than a broiler rooster, and will become soft for a long time. This can be used when choosing products for cooking soup or jelly. The paws, head, wings – the “cartilaginous” parts of the rooster – will boil and make the broth very satisfying, and the jelly – tightly frozen.

How long to cook a rooster depends largely on its age: an old rooster takes longer to cook than a young one. If you can’t find out for sure the age of the rooster, boil it, tasting the meat every hour for softness. Keep in mind that fatty parts cook faster.

How to cook a rooster for jelly also depends on how well-fed the rooster is: the fat and veins must be completely boiled into the broth. If there is a lot of fat, then jelly from 1 rooster will turn out without the addition of artificial gelatin.