How long to steam potatoes in a slow cooker?

Whole potatoes will be cooked in 30-40 minutes, potato wedges in 15-20 minutes.

How to steam potatoes in a slow cooker

Potatoes – 1-1.5 kilograms, about 1 kilogram of a whole or 1.5 kilograms of peeled chopped potatoes will fit in a standard multicooker for steaming.
Salt – to taste
Pepper – to taste
Greens and butter – for serving

How to cook whole
1. Pour 1.5-2 liters of cold or hot water into the multicooker pot, and set the “Steaming” mode.
2. While the water is brought to an active boil, wash the potatoes. Peeling is not necessary, as boiled skin comes off easier.
3. Put the potatoes in a multicooker for steaming, and put all this on top of the multicooker, where the water is already boiling.
4. Close the multicooker, cook for 30 minutes on the “Steaming” mode until soft, cook large ones for 10 minutes longer.
5. Cool the boiled potatoes a little and peel them.
6. For salad, cut potatoes into cubes right before serving.
7. For a side dish, serve the potatoes whole or chopped into slices, pouring with butter.

How to cook slices or circles
1. Pour water into the multicooker pan and set to boil on the “Steaming” mode.
2. While the water boils, peel the potatoes, and then cut each into several slices, put loosely in the steam tray.
3. Put the steam container over boiling water, close the multicooker and cook for 15-20 minutes, depending on the number of potatoes in the tray.

Tasty Facts

If the potatoes are the same size, it is better to steam them whole and not peel before cooking – the same size will ensure that all potatoes are cooked at the same time, and the cleaning time will be reduced to a couple of minutes. In addition, when steaming potatoes in their skins, more vitamins are preserved.

If the potatoes are of different sizes and especially varieties, then they should be boiled in slices: after peeling, cut the potatoes into equal slices or circles of the same thickness. Keep in mind that chopped potatoes are worse stored than whole ones, so steam potatoes should be boiled for 1-2 meals.

It is better to salt and pepper steamed potatoes after cooking, just before serving: salt, pepper and mix in potatoes. Or, if the potatoes are very tender and fall apart when stirred, you can melt the butter and stir the salt and pepper in it – and pour the dish with this oil when serving. You can also cut greens on top before serving. If time is running out, then sacrifice a little taste: sprinkle the potatoes with salt and pepper before cooking (try to evenly), as well as dried seasonings.