How long to fry skewers

Fry the skewers in water until the water evaporates for 7-8 minutes, then in their own juice for 2-3 minutes until a light crust forms.

How to fry skewers

Spikachki – 2-3 skewers
Water – 300 milliliters

How to fry skewers
1. Separate the skewers connected in a pigtail for ease of cooking.
2. Remove each bacon in a synthetic skin by making a very small incision from one end of the skewer and pulling on the edge of the skin. Do not remove the natural skin.
3. Pour 300 milliliters of water into a tall Teflon frying pan or a small Teflon saucepan – it is important that the coating of the dishes is non-stick.
4. Place a container of water on the burner over medium heat, wait for it to boil.
5. In a bowl of boiling water, put the bacon, do not cover with a lid.
6. Cook the skewers for 10 minutes without a lid, so that all the liquid evaporates, and the skewers release their own juice and fry on it until light brown. Spike has enough of its own fat to keep it from burning, but if the bacon is medium or low quality, add 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil to the pan.

How to fry skewers with pasta

Spikachki – 5 pieces
Pasta (pasta of any shape) – 1 package weighing 400-500 grams
Parmesan cheese (or other hard) – 100 grams
Olive oil – 60 milliliters
Frozen green beans – 300 grams
Salt – half a teaspoon
Pepper – to taste

How fry skewers with pasta
1. Pour a liter of water into a saucepan, wait for it to boil over medium heat.
2. Put green beans in boiling water without defrosting, salt with a pinch of salt, cook for 5-7 minutes.
3. Remove the cooked beans from the water.
4. Pour 1-1.5 liters of water into another saucepan, place on medium heat, let it boil.
5. Put the pasta in boiling water, cook until not fully cooked – 3-4 minutes less than indicated on the package.
6. Drain the water from the pasta, put a few drops of olive oil into the pasta, swirl the pan so that the pasta and oil are mixed.
7. Separate the pigtails connected in a pigtail for ease of cooking.
8. Peel off each bacon in a synthetic skin by making a very small incision from one end of the skewer and pulling on the edge of the skin. Do not remove the natural skin.
9. In a high Teflon pan or saucepan without oil, put the skewers, pour in water so that it reaches the middle of the skewers.
10. Place the pan with spicachki on medium heat, let it boil.
11. Cook the skewers without a lid for 10 minutes so that the water evaporates, the skewers release their juice and fry until crispy.
12. Remove the frying pan from the heat, transfer the skewers to a cutting board, cut into circles 0.5-1 cm thick.
13. Return the pan to medium heat, pour in the olive oil, heat up.
14. Put chopped bacon, boiled pasta, beans into the pan, salt, pepper, fry, stirring, 3-4 minutes.
15. Grate the cheese, sprinkle on top of the pasta with bacon spread out on plates.

Tasty Facts

– Before frying the skewers, it is better to boil them in water for several minutes, otherwise the natural shell may burst, the fat will leak out and the skewers will be dry. In addition, if the skewers are thick, only when frying can they remain damp inside. But before frying on a fire (on an open fire or on coals), you do not need to cook the bacon.

– Shpikachki are meat sausages with bacon – lard. Traditionally served in the Czech Republic.

– Spikachki differ from sausages and wieners in frequent inclusions of pieces of bacon (salted or salted-smoked bacon), as well as the aroma of smoking, which gives them a special heat treatment.

– Shpikachki are made from pork or a mixture of beef and pork with the addition of spices. The composition of skewers should not include flour, carrageenan (E-407), starch – they replace the natural and useful components of skewers.

– Vacuum-packed sausages are stored at a temperature of 0 to +6 degrees for six days, without vacuum packaging – no longer than three days from the date of manufacture.

– Calorie pork skewers – 337 kcal / 100 grams.