How long to fry pine nuts

Fry pine nuts in one layer for 1 – 2 minutes in a dry, well-heated frying pan with constant stirring.

How to roast pine nuts

Put the pan on a strong fire, and while it is heating, sort through the pine nuts, if desired and necessary, peel them.

Put pine nuts in 1 layer on a hot frying pan without oil, fry for 1 minute.

As soon as the pine nut is heated, it will begin to crackle slightly and darken – at this stage, frying must be completed.

Tasty Facts

Why Roast Pine Nuts
Pine nuts are roasted to bring out their aroma and enhance their flavor. In the shell, pine nuts are roasted to increase the shelf life up to 1 year. You can fry both peeled nuts and in shells. If in a shell, it is important to rinse the nuts from vegetable debris before frying.

If the nuts are bitter
Either the nuts have been stored for too long or they are overcooked.

What to do with roasted pine nuts
Roasted nuts are great for decorating desserts and salads, as well as a snack.

How to quickly peel nuts for roasting
Pour boiling water over pine nuts for 3 minutes. Put the nuts on half of the towel, cover with the second half of the towel on top, roll the rolling pin with effort several times. Open the towel, remove the shell fragments. Alternatively, use pliers or a garlic press. Keep in mind that peeled pine nuts lose their useful qualities after a month. To extend the shelf life, roasted nuts should be frozen.