How long to fry kebab from lamb tongue

Boil the lamb tongue for 1 hour, then fry on the grill, on good coals, for 20 minutes.

How to fry lamb tongue skewers

Products Lamb tongue
– 1 kilogram Dried
red chili pepper – at the end of a knife
Tomato paste – 200 grams
Rosemary – a large pinch
Bay leaves – 3 leaves
Salt – half a teaspoon 2. Pour water into the pan, put tongues in it – they should be completely under water. 3. Place the pan with the tongues on medium heat, wait until it boils. 4. Drain the boiled water from the pan with tongues. 5. Pour lamb tongues in a saucepan with fresh water, let it boil again.

6. Reduce the heat on the stove to slow, cook the tongues for 1 hour, remove the foam as it forms – do not add salt, otherwise the tongues will become hard.
7. At the end of cooking the tongues, put bay leaves for 7 minutes.
8. Remove the boiled tongues from the broth, lower into cold water.
9. Cut off the tough skin from the tongues.
10. Mix tomato paste, dried chili, salt, rosemary.
11. Lamb tongues put in the marinade, mix, set aside in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.
12. Put pickled lamb tongues on skewers, fry over coals for 20 minutes, sometimes turning the skewers over.