How long to fry goose skewers

Fry the goose fillet pieces for 30 minutes on medium coals.

How to barbecue goose

Goose carcass – half Onion
– 5 heads
Mayonnaise – a third of a glass
Table vinegar – 30 milliliters
Salt – half a teaspoon Pepper – to
taste 2. Cut off the leg, wing from the carcass, cut the rest of the carcass into portioned pieces about 5 by 5 centimeters in size, cutting the bones with a kitchen hatchet. 3. Rinse each piece of goose to wash away any broken bones. 4. Peel the onion, rinse, cut into thick rings.

5. At the bottom of the bowl, put a part of the prepared goose meat tightly in one layer – as much as it will fit in one layer, on top – a piece of chopped onion, sprinkle evenly with a pinch of salt and pepper.
6. Repeat layers until all goose meat has been marinated.
7. Put mayonnaise on the last layer, rub it with a spoon over the entire surface of the layer.
8. Pour vinegar into half a glass of water.
9. Pour the vinegar solution over the goose meat.
10. Close the bowl with goose meat tightly, leave for 30 minutes in the cold.
11. After 30 minutes, mix the contents of the bowl in which the goose is marinated with your hands, cover again, leave for another 3 hours, stirring once an hour.
12. Thread the pickled goose pieces on skewers so that the skin does not hang down, alternating with onion rings.
13. Fry the goose skewers for 30 minutes, periodically turning it over.

About goose skewers

In general, goose is a rather difficult meat for barbecue. Fatty, rather hard – needs special cooking, but the result is worth it. The first rule to follow for rendering fat is that the marinade must be sour to soften the fat and make it easier to render. Let’s say lemon juice, tomato paste, vinegar itself will help a lot.