How long to fry chipolletti in a pan?

Chipoletti fry for 5 minutes over high heat, turning every 2 minutes on different sides.

How to fry cevapcici

Remove the semi-finished product from the store packaging.

Grease a frying pan with oil and heat over a fire, place the chipolletti in it.

Fry on 2 sides. As soon as an appetizing ruddy crust has appeared, the sausages are ready to eat.

Otherwise, chipolletti are fried in Italian. These sausages are wrapped in bacon, so you need to cook them without oil, take a frying pan with a non-stick coating. The bacon fat will melt and replace the butter.

Tasty Facts

Chipolletti are thin sausages with a moderate amount of Italian-style spices. A great option if sausages are already tired, but there is still no time to cook something yourself. Cipolletti can be fried on a grill or pan, baked in the oven. Chipolletti are thin, so in a frying pan they will reach readiness after 5-7 minutes of heat treatment. A frying pan will help with cooking sausages at home.

Chipolletti is also fried and baked with vegetables, various sauces (for example, soy, wine and onion), cheese, greens are added to them. The line of sausages gives great scope for culinary imagination:
for pork grill;
in bacon;
from veal with prunes;
for barbecue;
in Italian;
with cheese;
with fried onions;
with Dijon mustard;
with sundried tomatoes.

Taste – natural meaty, piquant due to spices and herbal additives in the composition.