How long to cook white asparagus?

Boil white asparagus for 15 minutes .

How to cook white asparagus

1. If the asparagus was originally purchased in bunches, separate the asparagus.
2. Trim, if any, cut off the dried sections.
3. Cut the skin off the pods.
4. Tie the pods into bundles to make it easier to handle after cooking.
5. Pour enough water into a deep, tall saucepan so that when cooking, a bunch of peeled asparagus is completely immersed in it.
6. Boil water, put in a bunch of asparagus, add salt.
7. Boil the asparagus for 15 minutes.

Drain water, asparagus is ready to serve!

Tasty Facts

– Season of white asparagus from April to June. Edible white asparagus is grown mainly in Germany (during the asparagus season, almost all restaurants in Germany can order dishes with this product). In Russia, white asparagus is grown less, almost all available in stores is grown abroad.

– White asparagus has no color because it is completely buried in the ground (unlike green asparagus).

– The process of growing white asparagus is considered more laborious, and the nutritional value is higher, so the price of white asparagus is higher than green.

– Choose white asparagus should be fresh – it has a wet cut and elastic skin. White asparagus with dried cuts is not as fresh, which means it will not be as nutritious and tender.

– To make it convenient to check the readiness of the asparagus and not to break the shape of the bunch, it is recommended to cook the bunch and separately 1 pod of asparagus specifically for checking the readiness.

– Calorie content of white asparagus – 35 kcal / 100 grams.