How long to cook walnut jam?

Cook walnut jam for 4 to 16 days, depending on the bitterness of the nuts. The total cooking time is about 2 hours .

Walnut jam

Products for jam
Young walnuts – 1 kilogram
Sugar – 1.5 kilograms
Hydrated lime – 100 grams
Water – 1 liter
Citric acid – 1 pinch

How to cook walnut jam
1. Select walnuts for jam with green skin and soft core, easily cut with a knife.
2. Peel the nuts from the peel, jumpers and cores, soak in cold water for 2 days, changing the water every 12 hours. The soaking procedure must be repeated until the color of the water becomes almost transparent. As a rule, this is 2 days, but the period of soaking walnuts can be up to 15 days. 3. Drain the water.
4. Prepare a slaked solution: dilute lime in water (0.5 liters), insist for 5 hours and strain through a dense cloth.
5. Pour nuts with lime and insist for a day.
6. Rinse the nuts thoroughly, cut each nut in half or prick with a fork or a toothpick in 10 places (Caution! When piercing, keep in mind that the nuts are very hot inside!).
7. Put chopped and chopped walnuts into a saucepan, pour boiling water and cook for 20 minutes over low heat, then drain the water and cool the nuts with water.
8. Pour boiling water over the nuts again, cook for another 30 minutes and cool again.
9. Pour a liter of water into a saucepan, add sugar and put on a quiet fire.
10. After boiling, boil the jam syrup for 10 minutes.
11. Put the nuts in the syrup and cook for 5 minutes after boiling.
12. Leave the jam for 2 hours, then repeat the procedure until the nuts are completely softened (taste) – 3-4 times.
13. At the last step, cook the jam for 20 minutes with the addition of citric acid.
14. Arrange the finished jam in sterilized jars, pour over the syrup, cool and put away for storage.

Tasty Facts

– Nuts for jam are suitable young, green, without a hard shell. To test a nut, cut it open with a knife: there should be a deli-like mass inside, not a nut.

– You can make walnut jam without lime – instead of soaking in lime water, soak the nuts in ordinary water for 10 days, then cook for at least 1.5 hours.

– The season for walnuts for jam is from mid-June to early July. Depending on the onset of heat, this period may shift slightly. Nuts for jam should be green, soft.

– Serve walnut jam as an independent dessert, as well as on ice cream, as well as for decorating pies and cakes.

– Lime for walnut jam can be purchased at hardware stores. Lime is used to soften the nut skin and rid the nuts of bitterness. After soaking in lime water, walnuts are thoroughly washed; lime will not enter the body along with jam.

– When peeling walnuts, it is necessary to use rubber gloves under running water so as not to stain your hands – nut juices are very difficult to wash off.

– Before the last cooking, you can stuff the nuts with cloves, and add bitter cocoa during the cooking itself.

– If foam appears when soaking walnuts, it is necessary to increase the frequency of water changes.

– A quick way to cook walnut jam without soaking (but with bitterness) is to cook 5 times for half an hour, cooling the jam in between.