How long to cook sausage from peas?

It will take at least 2-3 hours to cook sausage from peas: 1 hour is required to prepare minced peas, and at least a couple of hours are needed for the sausage to cool down.

How to cook sausage from peas?

It will take
300 g of peas;
10 g of agar-agar;
10 g of garlic;
100-150 g of beets;
1 st. l. rast. oils;
1 tsp nutmeg;
1 tsp coriander;
1/4 tsp black pepper;
1/2 tsp salt.

How to make sausage from peas
Rinse the peas, add water, salt and cook until tender (soft). Grind the spices (you can take ground ones), chop the garlic medium-sized. Mix all spices. Squeeze the juice from the beets with a juicer or manually, after rubbing the vegetable on a fine grater. When the peas are almost cooked, add agar-agar to it, boil the mass for 5-7 minutes. Pour spices, break through the porridge with a blender, add beetroot juice, cook for another minute. Cool slightly, pour into a mold. Cool to room temperature, refrigerate. Remove the finished product from the mold after a few hours of infusion, serve.

Fuss facts about pea sausage

Pea sausage is a lean vegetable-based dish (peas), with the addition of spices. Spices determine the taste qualities of a vegetarian sausage, make it look like its meat-containing “progenitor”.

Cooking sausage from peas is excellent for vegetarians and adherents of healthy food: peas have a lot of vegetable protein.

If the pea sausage turned out to be too liquid and does not harden, you can add gelatin.

In addition to peas, you can also find pea flakes in stores – they are more expensive, but will help save time and effort in processing whole grains.