How long to cook pumpkin jam?

How to cook pumpkin jam

Products Pumpkin – 1 kilogram Sugar – 500 grams Lemon – 1 piece Orange – 1 piece How to quickly cook pumpkin jam 1. Peel pumpkin and orange from peel and seeds, cut into cubes. 2. Remove the seeds from the lemon, finely chop (do not peel). 3. Put the pumpkin, orange and lemon into a non-enamelled pan, cover with sugar, cover and leave for 6 hours at room temperature. 4. Put the pan on the fire and cook for 40 minutes over low heat without a lid. 5. Pour the jam into jars and twist. 6. Wrap the jars of jam in a blanket and leave to cool completely. 7. Remove jars of pumpkin jam for storage.

How to cook pumpkin jam in a slow cooker

Products Pumpkin – 1 kilogram Dried apricots – 200 grams Sugar – half a kilo How to cook pumpkin jam in a slow cooker Peel and grate the pumpkin on a coarse grater. Cut dried apricots finely. Put dried apricots and pumpkin in a multicooker pan, cover with sugar and keep on the “Keep warm” mode for 2 hours. When the pumpkin gives juice, turn on the multicooker to the “Extinguishing” mode for 2 hours. After cooking, twist the jam into warm sterilized jars.