How long to cook potatoes in soup?

Boil diced potatoes in soup for 15 minutes, and in rare cases, if potatoes are hard varieties – 20 minutes.

How to boil potatoes in soup – general rules

You will need – potatoes, products for soup

1. Boil the broth, bring the soup almost to full readiness, leaving only 15 minutes to boil the potatoes.
2. Peel potatoes and cut into cubes 1-3 centimeters to taste and depending on the recipe, but keep in mind that children will only be comfortable eating small cubes.
3. Put the potatoes in a boiling broth, cook for 15 minutes.

How long to cook potatoes in a pickle
Cook potatoes in a pickle for 20 minutes because of the brine, which “tans” the potatoes.

How to boil potatoes in sauerkraut cabbage soup Sauerkraut
makes the potatoes tough, it should be simmered in a separate pan before adding to the soup until it becomes soft.

How to cook potatoes for okroshka
For okroshka, it is better not to peel the peel and cook the whole tubers in the usual way, and after cooking, cool slightly, peel, cut into cubes and add to okroshka.

Tasty Facts

How much to cook potatoes in soup
For different soups, potatoes can be cut large or small. As a rule, cubes with a side of 1.5-2 centimeters go into the soup, these will cook in 10 minutes, and if large ones (such as those put in shurpa), then increase the cooking time by 5 minutes.

When to add potatoes to soup
Potatoes are added to soup 15 minutes before the end of cooking, so that the potatoes become soft, but not boiled. As a rule, potatoes are added to the soup as the last of the raw vegetables, after which only sorrel or greens are added.

How many potatoes to put on the soup
Approximately 50 grams of potatoes for a serving of 300 milliliters. Accordingly, if you cook a 3 liter pot, take 5-10 small potatoes, or 3-6 large ones.

What kind of potatoes to take for soup
Large potatoes are ideal for soup – they are easier and faster to peel and cut.