How long to cook pine cones?

Pine cones are boiled in water or milk for 1 hour . If the cones are very large – boil them for 2 hours .

Why boil cones

– The cones are boiled so that the resin comes off. The cones are boiled in a bucket, because the resin is tightly eaten into the dishes. To minimize resin residues on the walls of dishes, it is recommended to cover the dishes with burdock leaves – then the resin of the cones will remain on the leaves.

– It is recommended to cook cones in the air, because. when cooked, the cones smell very strongly.

How to boil cones

1. Put the cones in a container for cooking and pour water so that it completely covers the cones.
2. In order for the cones to be completely immersed in water, it is necessary to use oppression (for example, a lid slightly smaller than the pan).
3. Boil the cones for 40 minutes.
4. Transfer the cones to a colander and let the water drain for 20 minutes.
5. Cooled cones peel, selecting nuts.