How long to cook parsnips?

Boil whole parsnips in a saucepan for 20 minutes .
In a slow cooker, cook parsnips for half an hour in the “steamer” mode.
Boil parsnips in a double boiler for half an hour .

How to cook parsnip soup

Soup products for
a 5-liter pan
Chicken (weighing 1.2-1.5 kilograms) – 1 piece Parsnip
root – 300 grams
Milk – 1 glass
Carrots – 1 piece
Apple – 3 pieces
Bulb onion – 2 pieces
Vegetable oil – 2 tablespoons spoons
Bay leaf – 3 leaves
Cilantro – 1 bunch
Salt, pepper – to taste

Preparation of products
1. Rinse the chicken, dry it, cut it into pieces.
2. Put the chicken pieces in a saucepan, pour water and put on fire, remove the foam after boiling.
3. Wash 1 onion and 1 carrot, peel and cut in half lengthwise. 300 grams of parsnips, 3 apples and the second onion wash, peel (remove seeds from apples), cut into cubes.
4. Chop 1 bunch of cilantro.
5. Heat the frying pan, cut the onions and carrots, cut in half, put on a preheated dry hot frying pan cut down, fry for 5 minutes over medium heat.
6. Put the baked onions and carrots, 3 bay leaves in a saucepan with chicken, salt and pepper, cook over low heat for 30 minutes.
7. Put the finished chicken on a plate, cool and separate the meat from the bones; strain the broth.
8. Pour 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil into the pan, heat it up.
9. Then add chopped apples, onions, parsnips, simmer, stirring, over low heat for 15 minutes.
10. Pour 1 liter of chicken broth, a glass of milk into a saucepan, add cilantro, bring to a boil and cook for 25 minutes over medium heat.
11. Grind the finished soup with a blender.
12. Then pour back into the pan, add salt and pepper, heat to the desired temperature.
13. Serve parsnip soup with chicken on top.
Garnish the finished soup with croutons.

Salad with parsnips

Products for salad
Carrots – 2 pieces Parsnip
root – 2 pieces
Mustard – 1 teaspoon
Celery root – 1 piece
Daikon – half a root vegetable
Olive oil – 120 milliliters
Parsley – 1 large bunch
Sherry vinegar – a quarter cup
Sugar, salt – 1 teaspoon each

Food preparation
1. Wash 2 carrots, celery root, 2 parsnip roots and daikon under running water, dry and peel.
2. Grate everything on a coarse grater and transfer to a salad bowl.
3. Wash, dry and finely chop 1 bunch of parsley.
4. 1 teaspoon of mustard, a teaspoon of sugar, a spoonful of salt, a quarter cup of vinegar, chop parsley in a blender until smooth.
5. When grinding, gradually add 120 milliliters of olive oil.
6. Season the grated vegetables with mustard sauce, mix.
7. Cover the salad and insist in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.