How long to cook mustard?

Mustard is not boiled, but poured with either boiling water or boiled marinade.

Mustard in marinade

Products for mustard
Mustard powder – 280 grams
Vegetable oil – 100 milliliters
Vinegar 9% – 1 cup
Sugar – 5 tablespoons
Water – 400 milliliters
Cinnamon, cloves, allspice and hot peppers – to taste
Bay leaf – 1 leaf

Products for mustard
1. Prepare the marinade: pour half of the water (200 milliliters) into a saucepan, add seasonings and spices, put on fire and cook for 7 minutes after boiling.
2. Cool the marinade, add vinegar.
3. Boil 200 milliliters of water.
4. Sift mustard powder through a sieve into a deep bowl, pour boiling water with constant stirring, insist for 10 hours in a dark, cool place.
5. Carefully drain the water, add oil, sugar, marinade, and mix well.
6. Arrange the mustard in jars and keep for 1 day.
Mustard is ready!

Mustard without cooking

Products for mustard
Dried mustard (powder) – 500 grams
Salt – 2 tablespoons
Sugar – 4 tablespoons
Vinegar 9% – 100 milliliters (one third of a glass)
Sunflower oil – 150 milliliters
Water – 200 milliliters

How to cook mustard
1. Sift the mustard powder through a fine sieve.
2. Boil water, pour into mustard with constant stirring.┬áKeep in mind that when pouring boiling water into mustard powder, you will get soft mustard, while pouring warm water – spicy.
3. Leave mustard at room temperature for 12 hours, drain excess water.
4. Add salt, sugar, vinegar and vegetable oil to the mustard.
5. Pour the prepared mustard into jars and store at room temperature.