How long to cook lemongrass jam?

It takes a day to make lemongrass jam. It is necessary to cook jam in 2 doses for 10 – 20 minutes .

How to make lemongrass jam

– 1 kilogram
Sugar – 1.5 kilograms

How to cook Chinese lemongrass jam Put lemongrass
in a saucepan for cooking jam, add sugar and mix, cover and stand for 10 hours – lemongrass should give juice. Put the pan on the fire, cook the jam, stirring, 20 minutes. Then remove the pot with jam in a cool place for 10 hours. Then again put to boil and cook after boiling for 10 minutes. Pour the hot lemongrass jam into warm sterilized jars and turn the jam jars upside down. Wrap the jars with a blanket and wait until they cool completely. Then remove the jars of jam for storage.