How long to cook kohlrabi?

Boil kohlrabi for 15 minutes.

Boiled kohlrabi salad

Kohlrabi cabbage – 1 medium cabbage
Apple – 1 piece, not very sour
Walnuts – 1 tablespoon
Feta cheese – 100 grams
Lemon juice – from half a lemon
Olive oil – 3 tablespoons
Mint – 4 sprigs or a handful of dried
Black pepper – taste

Kohlrabi wash, peel, rub on a coarse grater. Cut the apple into thin slices and sprinkle with lemon juice. Grind the walnuts with a garlic press or finely chop. Add chopped feta, spices, olive oil and mix well.

Kohlrabi for the winter

Kohlrabi – 2 kilograms
Black pepper – 5 peas
Onions – 1 piece
Dill – a bunch
Water – 1 liter
Vinegar 9% – 1 cup 300 ml
Salt – 1 tablespoon
Sugar – half a cup 300 ml

How to marinate kohlrabi
Wash, peel and cut kohlrabi into strips. Blanch in salted, with the addition of a tablespoon of vinegar, water for 7 minutes.
Prepare the marinade: pour water, vinegar, salt and sugar into a saucepan, boil and turn off the heat.
Rinse the kohlrabi and place in a colander to dry.
Put the cabbage in jars, sprinkle with chopped herbs, put chopped onion on top, pour hot marinade over the jars.
Cover jars and sterilize for 20 minutes.
Cool and store in a cool dark place.

Useful properties of kohlrabi

The benefits of kohlrabi are primarily due to the high content of vitamin C in it. Kohlrabi also contains vitamins A (metabolism, slowing down aging), B (nervous system), PP (circulatory system), B2 (body recovery, growth, improvement thyroid function), mineral salts (responsible for acid-base balance): calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, cobalt and iron.
Kohlrabi cabbage is useful in the prevention of infectious diseases, normalization of metabolism, and weight loss.