How long to cook kimchi soup?

Cook kimchi soup for 1.5 hours.

How to cook kimchi soup

Pork (neck or back) – half a kilo of
Kimchi (sauerkraut) – 250 grams
Onions – 1 head Chili sauce – 10 grams
Soy sauce – a third of a glass
Garlic – 3 teeth
Green onions – 3 arrows
Sunflower oil – 50 milliliters
Black pepper – 3 peas

How to cook kimchi soup
1. Wash the pork in cool water, cut into pieces 2 cm thick.
2. Pour 2.5 liters of cold water into the pan, put the pork, place on a strong fire, let it boil.
3. Remove the formed foam with a spoon, reduce the heat to quiet.
4. Peel the onion.
5. Put the onion in the pan with pork, cook for 40 minutes over low heat.
6. Pour vegetable oil into a frying pan, place over medium heat, heat until bubbles form.
7. Fry kimchi for 5 minutes; wait until the cabbage becomes transparent.
8. Peel the garlic, pass through the garlic press.
9. In a separate bowl, combine garlic, chili sauce, soy sauce, black pepper.
10. Add the garlic sauce to the frying pan with kimchi, mix, keep for 3 minutes over medium heat.
11. Remove the onion from the pork broth, discard it.
12. Put kimchi in garlic sauce into the broth, cook over low heat for 15 minutes, the soup should boil.
13. Wash green onions, cut into rings.
14. Sprinkle green onions on soup bowls.

Tasty Facts

Kimchi is a Korean dish, spicy pickled vegetables. Chinese cabbage is usually used to make kimchi.

– To make kimchi, vegetables are soaked in a salt solution, left warm for fermentation, then seasoned with a paste of hot spices.

– For the first time, the mention of kimchi is found in the early Chinese collection of poetry “Shi Jing”, which dates back to the 1st millennium BC. Then the dish was called “khancha” or “soaked vegetables”. More similar to modern kimchi are pickles that came to Korea from neighboring China. In the era of the three Korean states (I century BC – VII century AD), such pickles began to be called chimchae. Subsequently, the name was transformed into kimchi. After the 16th century, the Portuguese brought red pepper to Korea, which became an essential ingredient in kimchi.

– Kimchi soup is served with boiled rice, greens, Tofu cheese.

— You can cook kimchi yourself:
1. Peking cabbage cut into 4 parts, grate with salt, leave for a day in a warm place.
2. Pour a red pepper pod with a tablespoon of hot water and grind in a blender into a paste, crush the garlic.
3. Mix red pepper paste and garlic, add a pinch of sugar, put in a cool place for a day.
4. Drain the brine from sauerkraut, add spicy paste, grated ginger root (4 centimeters), chopped onions (3 heads), a tablespoon of sugar, half a glass of soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of vinegar.
5. Stir, cover, refrigerate for a few days.