How long to cook jellied chicken?

Cook jellied chicken for 3 hours, in a slow cooker – 3 hours in the “Cooking” mode or 5 hours in the “Stewing” mode, in a pressure cooker for 1 hour.

How to cook jellied chicken

Products per pan 5 liters (output – 4 liters)
Chicken drumsticks – 7-9 pieces, about 700 grams
Onions – 1 head
Garlic – 3 cloves
Carrots – 1 piece
Lavrushka – 2 leaves
Black pepper – 5 peas
Salt – 1 tablespoon

How to cook
1. Wash the paws and legs, add the peeled onions and carrots, garlic cloves and spices, pour water up to the mark of 4.5 liters, put on a strong fire.

2. After boiling, cook for 3 hours over low heat in a saucepan, simmer in a slow cooker with the lid closed for 5 hours in the “Extinguishing” mode, in a pressure cooker and a slow cooker with the valve closed for 1 hour, then release pressure naturally for 1 hour.

3. Put the meat and cool slightly, strain the broth through a sieve or cheesecloth is better so that the bones do not get into the dish.

4. Disassemble meat, remove bones and vegetables; almost all cartilaginous components and skin should be boiled down into the broth, so there is no need to add artificial thickeners at all.

5. Pour the broth into containers, lay out the meat, decorate if desired, put in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

How best to cook chicken jelly

The fastest way to cook aspic is in a pressure cooker. All preparation takes 5 minutes of preparation of products and 20 minutes of their processing after cooking. The pressure cooker or multi-cooker will do everything by itself: 1 hour of cooking and 1 hour the pressure cooker will continue cooking at a slowly falling pressure.

The slowest way is in a saucepan, because in addition to a long time, the jelly needs regular monitoring: is there too much foam, is there too little water left in the pan, is the fire too small. However, the method of cooking in a saucepan remains the most common.

You can take any fatty chicken for jellied meat – thighs, legs, and additionally add more noble meat – beef or pork.

You can make the aspic even firmer by adding a few chicken feet to the chicken. You just need to process them first: cut off the claws, cut off the rough skin, and soak in salted water for several hours.