How long to cook galantine?

Cook galantine for 1.5 hours . Bake galantine for 1 hour at 170 degrees. Serve the finished galantine chilled, pouring over several layers of the gelatin mixture.

How to cook classic galantine

Chicken – 1 bird weighing 2 kilograms
Pork – 250 grams
Chicken egg – 1 piece
Cream 20-33% – 150 milliliters
Olives – 30 pieces
Garlic – 1 head
Instant gelatin – 10 grams
Sour cream – 1.5 tablespoons
Salt, ground black pepper – taste

How to cook galantine
1. Boil and cool chicken eggs.
2. Wash and dry the chicken with napkins.
3. Cut off the skin, trying to preserve its integrity, set aside.
4. Cut the meat, put in a bowl.
5. Put the bones in a saucepan, add water, salt and cook under the lid for 50 minutes after boiling.
6. Separate the chicken breast from the small fillet, cut in half to make 2 meat layers.
7. Cover the breast fillets and small fillets with cellophane film and beat with a culinary mallet to level the pieces into an even layer.
8. Grind the rest of the chicken meat and all the pork meat with a meat grinder into minced meat, salt and pepper.
9. Constantly stirring the minced meat with one hand, gradually pour in the cream with the other.
10. On a large piece of cellophane, lay out the chicken fillet with a slight overlap in one layer.
11. Top with the same piece of cellophane and lightly beat off to achieve one layer of chicken.
12. Remove the top film, salt and pepper the chicken layer, put the minced meat on top and level it in 1 layer with an indent of 3-4 centimeters from the edge.
13. Cut the olives in half and put on the stuffing, slightly pressing.
14. Rub chicken eggs on a coarse grater, salt and mix; put in a bowl.
15. Roll the galantine into a roll, seal, remove the film.
16. Wrap the galantine with chicken skin and several layers of cellophane so that the galantine retains its cylindrical shape during cooking.
17. Tie off the ends of the cellophane.
18. Put the cellophane-wrapped galantine in a saucepan.
19. Pour galantine with water and cook for 40 minutes at a low boil (rare bubbling).
20. Cool the galantine, put it in the refrigerator to infuse for 6-8 hours.
21. Measure out half a liter of broth left over from cooking the bones.
22. Add instant gelatin: 10 grams, heat on the stove until the gelatin is completely dissolved with constant stirring.
23. Mix sour cream with a third of the gelatin solution, grease the galantine with a culinary brush: for convenience, fix the galantine in an upright position or lay it on a narrow board (scapula).
24. Remove the galantine for 1-2 hours in the refrigerator to harden.
25. Cover with 1 more layer of gelatin mixture – and so on until the gelatin-sour cream mixture is over.
26. Carefully cut the gelatin into pieces and place in a serving dish.
27. Drizzle the pieces with the broth-gelatin mixture.
28. Put in the refrigerator until the aspic is completely solidified.
29. Decorate with greens, if necessary, fixing it with a gelatin mixture.

Tasty Facts

– Galantine is an aspic appetizer. The meat is minced, mixed with eggs and seasonings, rolled up like a sausage and cooked until tender. After cooking, the galantine is cooled and covered with jelly to give the dish a completely symmetrical appearance. And although in the old French language the word “galantine” meant “jelly”, at present they use special containers to give the galantine the correct shape, and the gelling process of the snack is ignored.

– Serve galantine as an appetizer: put a loaf of galantine on a plate and cut off circular pieces. At the same time, given that the galantine is stuffed with colorful ingredients, it may not need additional decoration. It is necessary to cut the galantine carefully, without touching it with your hands, so as not to damage the delicate gelatin shell. It is important to put the galantine in the refrigerator at least sometimes so that the gelatin mixture does not melt and the dish retains its aesthetic appearance.

– For the preparation of galantine, turkey, veal, pork, turkey liver, fish can be used.

– For variety and beauty of the cut, when preparing galantine, fried mushrooms, olives, pistachios, ham, chicken eggs, fresh vegetables (tomatoes, bell peppers) are added to the filling.

– Galantine can be cooked without chicken skin, then it is enough to cook the roll, wrapping it in several layers of cellophane.

– To make the meat softer, you can soak the meat for 1 day in salted water (in the refrigerator).

– Instead of cellophane, when forming galantine, you can use gauze, foil or a baking sleeve.

– If the formed galantine turned out to be very large, it can either be divided into 2 or boiled in a deep baking sheet in the oven: pour boiling water to half the height of the galantine, cover with foil and cook at a temperature of 150 degrees for 1.5 hours in the absence of seething.

– Semi-finished galantine is sold in stores. It is recommended to fry or bake such a galantine, however, if there is a desire to cook it, wrap the galantine with cellophane and cook for 40 minutes.

– If there are a lot of blanks for galantine, you can make small rolls and fry them in breadcrumbs.

– If the gelatin mixture for pouring gelatin is frozen, just heat it up – it will become liquid again.