How long to cook chicken soup set?

Boil the chicken soup set for 1 hour, fish – 50 minutes, beef and duck – 1.5-2 hours.

How to cook a soup set

1. Rinse the soup set thoroughly under running water.
2. Pour 3 liters of fresh water into the pan, put the soup set, place on high heat, wait for the boil.
3. Put salt in a saucepan – a teaspoon without a slide, a few peas of black pepper.
4. Reduce the heat to medium, close the pan, cook the soup set for 40-50 minutes, skimming occasionally.
5. 10 minutes before the soup set is ready, put a few bay leaves, after the soup set is ready, remove the bay leaves.

Tasty Facts

– Soup set – a semi-finished product from cut and prepared for further cooking parts of meat or poultry. Usually these are pieces of meat on the bones or chicken offal. The ratio of bones and pulp, which includes fat, in a quality soup set should be equal or tending to that. Chicken soup set is considered dietary, as chicken meat is low in cholesterol. To make it even lighter, you need to remove the skin from the chicken parts. The soup set, assembled from beef tenderloins, is more fatty and nutritious, but it is also more expensive than chicken.

– Meat for a soup set is usually cut from the costal part, chest and vertebral.

– A soup set is cheaper than meat (for example, a beef soup set costs about 100-150 rubles per kilo), but at the same time, the soup on it turns out to be hearty and not too fatty. In addition, the soup set does not need to be cut, although it is still worth taking away the bones and other inedible parts after boiling the broth. To cook a tasty and nutritious dish, choose a soup set with a sufficient meat content.