How long to cook cabbage broth?

Boil cabbage broth for 15 minutes.

cabbage broth

Cabbage – 150 grams
Water – 1 liter

How to cook cabbage broth
1. Wash the cabbage, separate the old leaves.
2. Chop the cabbage and put in a saucepan.
3. Pour cabbage with 1 liter of water.
4. Boil the broth for 15 minutes.
5. Strain the broth – Your cabbage broth is cooked!

Tasty Facts

– Cabbage broth is eaten mainly when trying to lose weight. Cabbage broth is consumed 30 minutes after a meal or instead of it. Salt and spices are not added to the broth.

– Cabbage broth “deceives” the body, calming the feeling of hunger. In addition, cabbage broth has nutritional properties.

– In large quantities, cabbage broth can be harmful to the body. Cabbage broth, if you go too far with it, will “cleanse” the body from useful substances.