How long to cook burfi?

Boil a liter of milk. Reduce heat, keep covered for an hour, stirring until it thickens. Add sugar, heat on the burner for 20 minutes, until the mass begins to move away from the walls of the pan. Remove from heat, add a pinch of cardamom, stir, cool. Knead the fondant for a few minutes until softened. Divide into several parts, roll into balls. Press an almond into each ball with your finger. Cool down 40 minutes.

How to cook burfi

Products Whole milk (preferably homemade) – 1 liter Sugar – 50 grams Cardamom seeds (saffron or vanilla can be used) – a pinch Almonds, cashews (any nuts can be used) – 100 grams How to cook burfi1. Pour a liter of milk into a saucepan with a thick bottom, place on a strong fire, let it boil. 2. Reduce the heat to medium, keep with the lid closed for an hour, stirring occasionally until the milk thickens. 3. Put 50 grams of sugar, keep it on the burner for another 15-20 minutes, until the sugar-milk consistency begins to move away from the walls of the pan. 4. Remove the pan from the burner, add a pinch of cardamom, mix, cool. 5. Put the fondant on a dish, knead for several minutes until the fondant softens. 6. Divide the fondant into several identical parts, roll into balls with wet hands. 7. Put an almond in the middle of each ball and press it lightly with your finger. 8. Place in a cold place for 40 minutes.

Tasty Facts

– Burfi – a traditional Indian sweet, milk boiled to a dense consistency with sugar, then cooled. In Russia, Ukraine and Belarus there is a similar dessert – milk fudge . — Burfi is decorated with nuts, coconut flakes, sesame seeds. – Saffron, cardamom, vanilla, rose water are added to the fudge. – For cooking burfi, it is recommended to take a saucepan with a thick bottom, otherwise the milk may burn. — Burfi is rolled into balls and served chilled on a flat dish. – The cost of products for cooking burfi from fresh milk – from 200 rubles / 350 grams (on average in Moscow as of July 2019).

Burfi with powdered milk

Powdered milk – 200 grams Sugar – 100 grams Butter – 80 grams Cashews (can be replaced with any nuts) – 100 grams Sour cream – half a glass Vanilla sugar – a pinch How to cook burfi with powdered milk1. Put 80 grams of butter in a saucepan, place on a quiet fire, melt the butter. 2. Add 100 grams of regular and a pinch of vanilla sugar to the butter, keep on medium heat for 5 minutes, stirring, until bubbles form. 3. Put half a glass of sour cream into the sugar mixture, mix, hold for 5-7 minutes until foam forms, remove from the burner. 4. Pour the sugar-sour cream mass into a bowl, beat with a mixer or a whisk for 5 minutes, gradually adding 200 grams of powdered milk until a viscous consistency is obtained. 5. Put the fondant in the form, put the cashews on top and press them into the fondant with your fingers. 6. Remove the burfi for an hour in the refrigerator. 7. Cut the cooled burfi into portions.