How long to cook beef tail

Boil beef tails for jelly for 3-4 hours along with the rest of the meat. And for soup or broth, 2.5 hours is enough.

How to cook beef brains deliciously

ProductsBeef tails are not inferior in taste to the meat of other parts of beef. With proper preparation, the tails are very soft and tender, and the broth is tasty and fragrant. Boil beef tails for 2.5 hours with spices and salt – you get the perfect meat appetizer. The pressure cooker will cope with the task faster – the tail will boil to softness in 40 minutes. We take a beef tail, cut it into pieces, wash it well and put it in a saucepan, pour water, add whole or cut carrots and onions there. We put the pan on gas, bring to a boil, remove the scale and cook over low heat for about 2.5 hours. The tail pieces should be well cooked so that the meat can be separated from the bones. Then add spices, salt, and the dish is ready. To prepare jellied meat, the tails are boiled longer, 4-5 hours on low heat, until the meat itself moves away from the bones.

Tasty Facts

Beef tail cannot be cut, because. the cartilaginous part can break into many small pieces, which will badly affect the taste. It is best to disassemble the tail at the joints, helping with a knife. In addition to jelly, beef tails are great for serving as a snack – there is little meat in the tail, but it is very tasty and fibrous, and cartilage lovers will be delighted with their amount in beef tail dishes. It is great to cook beef tails (especially their thin parts) for soup broths – they turn out to be very fatty and rich even when cooked on the second broth.