How long to cook beef head?

The beef head is divided into parts. The brains are prepared separately. The meat of the head is cartilaginous, it is cut into pieces, washed well, soaked for several hours in cold water, then boiled for about 3 hours. The meat is ready when it begins to fall behind the bones and the cartilage becomes soft.

How to cook beef head?

We take a small beef head, 3-4 bay leaves, a head of garlic, salt and pepper. We cut the head, cheeks into pieces and set to soak overnight, pouring cold water. Then fill with fresh water and put to cook on a small fire. After the water boils, you need to salt, add garlic cloves, bay leaves, pepper. After about 2-3 hours, the meat begins to move away from the bones – which means that the cooking process is over. We take it out of the water and separate the pulp from the bones. We filter the broth and serve in separate cups, bowls. In fact, it is almost ready, hot jelly. It is very difficult to digest beef. But insufficient cooking time will turn the meat into rubber, which is easily determined using a regular fork.

What is prepared from beef head?

Since the beef head is rich in collagen due to the abundance of veins and cartilage, it makes excellent jellies and very rich soups. Sometimes meat is cut from the skull – it is preferable to buy such beef so as not to mess around with a rather tedious butchering. They also cook stew from the meat of the head – boil it for a long time and roll it into jars. For quick meals (frying), meat from the head is not suitable. Beef brains, unlike meat, must be cooked immediately after being removed from the head. They do not need to be soaked and cannot be stored in the refrigerator. The brains are washed, the film removed and fried in breadcrumbs and spices. And immediately served on the table. This dish is delicious hot after cooking. We clean and wash properlyAreas with bristles must be cut off. Sliced ​​pieces of beef are washed under the pressure of cold water. The tongue is also with salt and flour, and its tip is cut off (it is believed that the cow tries everything with it).