How long to cook beans in the microwave?

Microwave beans for 20 minutes, white beans for 15.

How to cook beans in the microwave

You will need – 1 cup beans, water for soaking, 4 cups of water

1. Place the beans in a deep bowl and pour cold water in the proportion: 1 cup of beans 2 cups of water. Leave to swell for about 8 hours. This time should be enough for the beans to increase in volume. In the process of soaking, every 3 hours it is necessary to change the water.
2. After the time has elapsed, carefully drain the water from the bowl. To prevent the beans from accidentally falling out of the dish, you can cover the bowl with a flat plate, leaving a small gap. Excess liquid will drain through it. 4. Remove the beans from the microwave at the end of the beep and stir. If you are going to use the beans as a main course, then at this stage of cooking, they should be salted and peppered to taste.
3. Put the beans in a glass dish, pour clean water and put in the microwave. Cook red beans at maximum power for 10 minutes, white beans for 7 minutes.

5. Place the beans in the microwave and cook on 700W (20 minutes for red beans and 15 minutes for white beans).
7. Remove the beans from the microwave and put them in a colander to drain the remaining liquid.
Serve boiled beans with butter.

About this cooking method

Cooking beans in the microwave is the fastest, as the water heats up quickly and the temperature is above 100 degrees. However, keep in mind that microwave cooking involves heating the product from the inside, and even water does not “soften” this effect enough. For this reason, the beans may cook unevenly.

Cooking beans in the microwave is quite risky – they can boil into porridge or require additional cooking time, which calls into question the advisability of cooking beans in the microwave. Therefore, we strongly recommend cooking beans in the classic way , in a saucepan.

Beans should be cooked in a microwave-safe dish covered tightly.