How long to cook a turkey thigh?

Boil the turkey thigh for 40 minutes in salted water.

How to cook turkey thigh

1. Wash the turkey thigh in cool water, inspect for the presence of feather residues, the so-called “stumps”: if there is, then remove them with tweezers.
2. Pour 2 liters of water into the pan, wait for it to boil over high heat. If, as a result of cooking the thigh, you want to get a broth, and not just dietary meat, then the thigh should be poured with cold, not hot water, because it is with gradual heating that the largest amount of extractive substances are released into the water.
3. Salt water at the rate of 10 g (two teaspoons without a slide) of salt per one and a half liters of water.
4. Lower the turkey thigh into salted water, let it boil again.
5. Boil turkey thigh for 40 minutes for meat, salad or appetizer, 1 hour for broth and at least 1.5 hours in jellied meat, covered with a lid. If you cut the turkey meat from the bone, then cook the turkey thigh fillet for 30 minutes.

Recipe in a pressure cooker

In a pressure cooker, cook the thigh for 15 minutes after closing the valve – this is a characteristic hiss, or a special sound if the pressure cooker is electronic. For thigh soup in a pressure cooker, cook for 10 minutes longer, for jelly – 1 hour, and then wait an hour with the valve closed.

Cooking Tips

If it is necessary to remove the stumps before cooking, but there are no tweezers, you can use the old cooking method: rub the thigh with flour and singe the stumps with a lighter. The flour will raise the rest of the feathers to a horizontal position, and also protect the bird’s skin from deformation during heat treatment.

The turkey thigh is a low-calorie but highly nutritious part of the turkey. It is from the thigh that nutritious turkey soups are cooked, in which it is the meat from the thigh that does not fall apart, but remains fleshy pieces.

To give a boiled turkey an appetizing look, you can roast it in the oven until golden brown.

It is delicious to cook turkey thighs in cream or milk – the meat becomes much softer, and excellent sauces come out of the broth. It is enough to mix the broth with flour to thicken and cook a little. This is one of the simplest and quickest dishes for a festive turkey table.

After cooking, do not rush to get the meat, but let it cool in the broth – so the meat fibers, having relaxed after heat treatment, will absorb part of the broth, making the product more juicy and fragrant.