How long to cook a turkey leg?

On the stove and in a slow cooker, cook the turkey drumstick for 40 minutes, without the bone – for half an hour.
In a double boiler – 50 minutes.
In a pressure cooker – 20-30 minutes.

How to cook a turkey leg in a pot

1. Before cooking, rinse the drumstick thoroughly, if available, pluck out the remnants of feathers, wash from the blood.

2. To cook on the stove, place the drumstick in a saucepan, fill it with water, bring to a boil (removing the foam in the process), add salt, pepper, bay leaf, and other spices to taste and continue to cook over low heat for the prescribed time.

In the multicooker
1. Place the shin in the multicooker bowl, pour in the required amount of water and cook in the “stewing” mode.
2. As you cook, remove the foam for the first 5 minutes, add the necessary spices and close the lid.

In a steamer
1. Wash the drumstick, put it in a steam tray, put it over water (ensure that there is enough water for 1 hour of cooking).
2. Cook the drumstick for 50 minutes.

In a pressure cooker
1. Cook the turkey drumstick in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes, and if you need a rich broth, then 30 minutes.
2. Release the pressure within 5-7 minutes.


Tasty Facts

– Boil boneless turkey drumstick for 10 minutes less.

– The turkey drumstick is large, so you need a large pan. Or ask the market to cut the drumstick in half.

– The weight of the lower leg is about half a kilo, but half the weight is skin, cartilage and bones.

– Cook the turkey drumstick for the child, draining the first broth after boiling and replacing it with fresh water.

– Turkey drumstick can be cooked for dietary dishes, or you can cook a completely nutritious and flavorful broth.

– If you doubt the purity of the purchased meat, then in order to remove all the harmful substances that are released into the broth during cooking, the first boiled water can be drained, poured fresh and cooked further until tender.

– To get a delicious broth, the turkey drumstick must be poured with cold water and boiled over low heat after boiling, removing the resulting foam.

– To cook meat as a side dish, you can throw it into boiling water without removing the foam. In this case, the meat keeps all its taste qualities inside.