How long to boil apple juice?

How to make apple juice

(for 1 liter of apple juice)
Fresh apples – 1600 grams
Sugar – 30 grams

How to cook
1. Wash the jars well with powder or soda, pour over with boiling water or steam sterilize.
2. Wash 1600 grams of apples thoroughly and cut into four pieces.
3. Remove the cores of apples with seed boxes.
4. Pass the prepared apples through a juicer.
5. Pour the juice into a saucepan. The juice should take up half the volume of the pan or two thirds of the volume, because when heated, the juice forms abundant foam and can run out of the pan.
6. Stirring constantly, bring the juice over medium heat to a temperature of 90-95 degrees.
7. Remove the foam from the juice with a spoon or slotted spoon.
8. Add 30 grams of sugar to the juice and mix.
9. Turn off the gas and pour the finished juice into jars.

Tasty Facts

– When making juice from apples, it is important not to bring the juice to a boilso that it retains all the vitamins and nutrients.

– Depending on the variety of apples, you can regulate the addition of sugar to the juice: if the apples are sweet, sugar can be omitted.

– Apple juice should be stored in the basement, cellar or any other dark and cool place.

– Apple juice for the winter, as a rule, turns out to be highly concentrated , so it can be diluted with warm or cold boiled water after opening.

– Juice made from sour apples must be used carefully : it can cause heartburn due to the high content of malic acid in it. You can neutralize the acid by adding zucchini juice to apple juice at the rate of 1 glass of zucchini juice per 3 liters of apple juice.

– When apples are passed through the juicer , the juice darkens . This is due to the high content of iron in apples, which oxidizes in the fresh air. To keep the juice light, you can add 0.2 teaspoon of citric acid to 1 liter of apple juice.

– Apple juice can be diversified by adding pumpkin, red beet, pear, raspberry juice to it.

– Apple juice can be used to make mousse, jelly or jelly.

– The average cost of seasonal apples in Moscow in July 2020 is from 60 rubles / 1 kilogram.

– Calorie juice from apples – 42 kcal / 100 grams.

– Store an open jar of homemade apple juice for 1 day in the refrigerator.